Big Dippers

You-Won’t-Believe-How-Good-It-Is Mustard Dip
Greener Pastures Dip
Irene’s Shrimp Dip
Quicker-Than-Quick Shrimp Dip
Goodness Gracious Good Veggie Dip
Quick Chick Blender Hummus
Waldorf Spinach Dip in a Bread Bowl
Easy Breezy Veggie Dip
Fiesta Dip
Bacon and Tomato Layer Dip
Rainbow Corn Dip
Sedona Sun-Dried Tomato Dip
Sombrero Dip
Cloud Nine ‘Cado Dip
Guacamole Dunk
Avocado Salsa
Kicky Layered Dip
Easy-As-Can-Be Salsa
Bodacious Salsa
Corny Bean Salsa
Nancy’s Country Caviar
Mellow Mallow Fruit Dip
Caramel Fruit Dip
Touch of Spice Fruit Dip
Creamy Amaretto Dip
Pumpkin Cheesecake Dip
Tropical Fruit Dip
Pretty Cranberry Cream Cheese Centerpiece

Garden Goodies

Zucchini Stix Dippers
Spicy Grilled Corn Cobbies
Cocktail Garden Platter
Better-With-Butter Veggie Platter
Popeye Popovers
Perfected Baked Beans
Bundles of Sweet Beans
Peppered Peppers
Terrific Tomato Tarts
'Maters in Shells
Classic Party Potatoes
Potato Salad Boats
Potluck Potato Salad
French Fried Onion Potato Bites
Caviar Party Potatoes
Cajun-Style Packet Potatoes
Savory Stuffed 'Shrooms
Stuffed Portobellos Supreme
Porto Mushroom Fries
Stuffed MMMMMushrooms
Mama Mia Mushrooms
Sweet Tater Won Ton Stars
Haystack of Onion Rings
Cool Garden Pizza Rounds
Garden Pizza Wedges
Pesto Pizza Wedges
Veggie Ponies
Banana Pepper-Ronies
Pepper Canoes
Mexican Mix-Up
Pepperoni Tomato Pops
Cuke and Cream Canapés
Delicious Deli Roll-Ups
Perky Pea Pods
Easy Corn and Tomato Salad
Colorful Corn Salad
Miracle Red Grape Broccoli Salad
King Crab Louie
9x13 Chicken Salad
Strawberry and Chicken Salad Trifle
Watermelon Cube Salad
Sunshine Stuffed Strawberries
Pearly Whites
Mango-Stuffed Celery Bites
Deep-Fried Banana Logs

Embellished Breads

Soft Sunrise Rolls
Simple Sausage Rolls
Rum Roll Bites
Cheesy Italian Garlic Bread
N’Awlins Party Pull Bread
Buttery Bacon and Cheese Bread
Hot "n Bubbly Bread
Lemony Garlic Bread
Mexicali Shotgun Bread
Pick-Apart Bacon-Ranch Bread Ring
Pesto Crostini
Grilled Mozza-Roma Bites
BLT Bruschetta
Colorful Crusty Bruschetta
Pita Christmas Trees
Crescent Roll Veggie Tree
Quiche-y Crescent Cups
Moo-Cow in a Blanket
Chicken Broccoli Pizza Spirals
Crispy Pizza Dip Sticks
Quick Muffin Pizzas
Broccoli Cornbread Mini Muffins
Funny Face Muffins
Pecan Muffinettes
Bacon Blue Tartlets
Apple Upside-Down Biscuits
Easy Bisquiks
Gorgonzola Biscuits
Cookie Biscuits
Cheesy Vidalia Fingers
Crocked Cheese Fingers
Yummy Pockets

Sweet Pick-Ups

Extra Special Chocolate Chip Cookies
Hoppy Chocolate Frogs
Frilly Lace Cookies
Chipper Cookies
Peanut Butter Quickie Cookies
Chocolate Coffee Iced Shortbread Cookies
Granny’s Old-Fashioned Teacakes
In-A-Hurry Cake Cookies
Cornflake Creatures
Fast and Fabulous Sugar Cookies
Pecan Momoons
Toasted Butter Pecan Cookies
Gnome Hats
Chocolate Drizzled Caramel Yummies
Margarita Cookie Bars
Brownie Popsicles
Chocolate Peanut Butter Bars
Simply Divine Chess Pie Bars
Black-Bottom Toffee-Top Cheesecake Bars
Stir-And-Bake Chocolate Bars
Streaked-With-Strawberries Cheesecake Bars
Cookie Almond Joys
Peanut Butter S’mores Bars
Peachy Keen Bars
Dotted Swiss Cookie Bars
Cookie Pops
None Better Pecan Squares
Boogie Bars
Cheesecake-In-The-Middle Cookies
Big Taste Trail Mix Bars
Yummy-To-The-Tummy Brownies
Mardi Gras Microwave Pralines
Hidden Kiss Meringues
Voted-Most-Popular Pink Meringues
Deep-Fried Chocolate Kisses
Over-The-Top Candy Bars
Cranberry Candy Crunch
Heavenly Almond Candy
Zebra Pecan Clusters
Chocolate Pretzels
Crunchy Almond Candy
World’s Best Turtles
Chocolate Peanut Butter Bubbles
Kicky Chocolate Bark
Chipper Chocks
Nutty Peanut Butter Balls
Orange Pecan Balls
Yummy Chocolate Bourbon Balls
Cheesecake Bonbons
Fudge in minutes

Wet Your Whistle

Sherri’s Frosted Chocolate Shake
Old-Fashioned Root Beer Float
Summertime Peach Smoothie
Circus Citrus Slush
Kicky Lemon Tea Slush
Aunt Mamie’s Mint Tea
Mama’s Spiced Tea
Berry Mint Iced Tea
Company Tea
Holiday Party Punch
Simply Refreshing Punch
Island Splendor Punch
Raymond’s Milk Punch
Hello Punch
Iced Coffee Coolers
MJ’s Flavored Water Cooler
Party Martinis
Pink Mimosas
Killer Margaritas
Category 5 Hurricanes
Welcome Wine
Sangria Serenade
Blender Bloody Mary Mix
A Jolly Good Bloody Mary
Sweet Sippin’ Limoncello
Luck-Of-The-Irish Cream
Holiday Wassail
Warming Winter Wassail
Hot Buttered Rum
A Noggin of Good Cheer

Some Like it Hot

Sweet Georgia Onion Dip
Reuben, Reuben Dip
Awesome Artichoke Dip
The Famous Crab & Artichoke Dip
Delectable Crabmeat Mornay
Quick Hot Crab Dip
French Fried Onion Crab Dip
Easy Spicy Corn Dip
Mighty Meaty Mexican Dip
Amigos Bean Dip
Mexican Bean Scoop
Mexican Nacho Dip
Bang-Bang Buffalo Chicken Dip
Chicken Enchilada Dip
Easy Cheesy Chili Dip
Green Chile Cheese Dip
Speedy Gonzales Chili Dip
Hot Tamale Dip
Bread Bowl of Beef Dip
Bread Boat Sausage Dip
Wheel o’ Brie Bread Bowl
Zippy Spinach Dip
Cheesy Salsa Spinach Dip
Easy Breezy Broccoli Dip
Glorious Green Dip
A Heart-Melting Dip
Easy Cheese Bowl
Good-To-The-Last-Drop Cheeseburger Dip
Pigs in a Cheese Trough
Pizzazzy Fondue

Just a Bite

Coconut Chicken Bites
Pretzel-Crusted Chicken Nuggets
Toasted Almond Chicken Nuggets
Crispy Onion Chicken Nuggets
Buttery Chicken Nuggets
Pop-In-Your-Mouth Chicken Nuggets
Baked Parmesan Chicken Nuggets
Microwave Chicken Nuggets
Betsy's Tomato Crackers
Tasty Parmesan Tomato Bites
BLT Bites
'Bello Beef Bites
Tiny Quiche Bites
Fried Pasta Bites
Veggie Ranch Pinwheels
Deli-Licious Party Wheels
Ham and Cheese Pinwheels
Roast Beef Roll-Ups
Pepperoni Party Pinwheels
Savory Stuffing Bites
Tasty Tortilla Bites
Quesadilla Bean Bites
Sweetie Meat Bites
Bacon and Tamale Bites
Dog Bites Everybody Likes
Dogs in Coats
Jellyroll Reubens
Crab English Muffin Bites
Fried Crab Puffs
Favorite Scallops Appetizer
Wasabi Salmon
Shrimp in Circles
Red Pepper Shrimp
Dare Deviled Eggs
Coconut Shrimp Caribe

Spread It On

Easy Egg Salad Sandwiches
Good-To-Go Cheese Sandwiches
Simply Superb Chicken Salad Sandwiches
Burst-Of-Flavor Chicken Sandwiches
Open & Closed Cucumber Sandwiches
Pimento on Rye Snackwiches
Pocket Sandwiches with Heart
Deli Ham Salad Finger Sandwiches
Sloppy Joe Bunners
Speedy Sloppy Joes
Reindeer Sandwiches
Quick and Tasty Shrimp Wedges
Easy Shrimp Quesadillas
Super Salmon Paté
Red Pepper Crab Spread
Tasty Crab Spread
Bayou Crawfish Spread
BLT Spread
Swiss Reuben Spread
Buttery Boursin Spread
Awesome Chocolate Peanut Butter Spread

Have Your Cake and Eat It, Too!

Peachy Spice Upside-Down Bundt Cake
Rave Pineapple Pound Cake
Honeycomb Cake
Pineapple Paradise
Big Easy Praline Cake
Big Taste Banana Cake
Apple Pie Coffee Cake
Pineapple Orange Squares
Lazy Days Lemon Cake
Halloween Spider-Web Cake
Absolutely Superb Chocolate Kahlúa Cake
Super Easy Dump Cake
Touchdown Football Cake
Magnificent Marbled Mocha
Frosted Cone Cakes
Raspberry Chocolate Swirl Cheesecake
Cherry Chocolate Cake
Always Fun Dirt Cake Trifle
Halloween Pumpkin Muffins
Brownie Cheesecake
Dy-No-Mite Chocolate Cheesecake

Crunchy Munchies

Roll-Out-The-Barrel Crackers
Fun-To-Munch Oyster Crackers
Homemade Tortilla Chips
Full-Of-Flavor Pita Chips
Crispy Pita Wedges
Toasted Parmesan Triangles
Crispy Cheese Wafers
Pecan Cheese Wafers
Buttery Sweet Toasted Pecans
Mother’s Dry Roasted Pecans
Mother’s Toasted Pecans
Sweet Toasted Pecans
Persnickety Pesto Peanuts
Kicked-Up-A-Notch Peanuts
Cowboy Popcorn
Crazy Craisin Party Mix
Climb-A-Mountain Mix
Lite ’n Crunchy Party Mix
Super-Duper Snack Mix
Chocolate Peanut Butter Chow
Wonderful White Trash

Cheese, Please

Deep-Fried Cheese ’n Pepperoni Balls
Amigo Cheese Squares
Cheese ’n Chile Cubes
Cheesy Chile Bites
Avocado Cheese Crisps
One-Ingredient Crispies
Cheesy Party Pastries
Ring Around the Berries
Crescent-Wrapped Pepper Jelly Brie
Sweet Bacon-y Brie
A Sweet Bite of Brie
Fried Cheese with Marinara Sauce
It's a Snowman Cheese Ball
Mini Cheese Balls
Beefy Cheese Ball
Olive-Cheese Balls
Sweet Cha Cha Cheese Ball
Almond Chip Cheese Ball
Nutty Olive Cheese Ball
Smoky Bar Cheese
Jack Cheese Tortilla Wedges
Quick Mozzarella Tortillas
Pepperoni Tortillas on the Grill
Super Nachos
Game-Time Nachos
Cheesy Hot Quesadillas
Cheesy Chili con Queso Cups
Savory Pepper Jelly Cheesecake
5-Minute Boursin Cheese
Good, Good Gouda Spread
A Pine Cone Made of Cheese
Zesty Beefy Cheese Log
Jalapeño Cheese in a Jar
Pineapple Almond Cheddar Spread

Heavy Hors D'Oeuvres

Gwen's Baked Sausage Meatballs
Kicky Sausage Balls
Meatball Penguins
Can’t Beat These Meatballs
Jalapeño Crockpot Meatballs
Crockpot BBQ Balls
Shape and Bake Meatballs
Queso Meatballs
Juicy Sauced Chicken Wings
Ritzy Hot Wings
Cranberry Barbecue Wings
Smoky Red Wingers
Crockpot Hot Wing Things
Cracker-Crusted Drummettes
Dippy Drummettes with Sassy Sauce
Taco Chicken Drummettes
Crockpot Teriyaki Drumsticks
Drummette Lollipops
Cocktail Weiners
Easy-Do Crocked Barbecue
While-You-Sleep Italian Beef
Best Brisket Ever
Can-Can Taco Soup
Gotta-Love-The-Juice Brisket
Some-Like-It-Hot Crockpot Tailgate Chili
Quick Dinner Party Lasagna
Elegant Crabmeat Imperial
Easy Overnight Turkey Bake
Turkey Lurkey Skewers
Sensational Salad Skewers
Caramelized Sirloin Skewers
Tangy Grilled Chicken Kabobs
Sweet-And-Sour Meatball Kabobs
Veggie Kabobs with Honey Mustard Dip
Gingered Shrimp Kabobs
Easter Surprise Ham
Heavenly Sweet Party Ham
Party in a Bag
Mad About Crab Puffs
Bayside Mini Crab Cakes
Mitch’s Marvelous Marinade

Savory Pastries

Olé Chicken Stars
Ranchero Sausage Stars
Sweet Little Chic Won Tons
Chicken Salad in Biscuit Cups
Caesar City Chicken Squares
Mini Spini Crabmeat Pies
Crispy Crab Phyllo Roll-Ups
Flaky Ham Pick Ups
Flaky Pepperoni Pastries

Delightful Desserts

Margarita Pie in a Glass
Baklava Diamonds
Tiny Pecan Pies
Caramel Pecan Chocolate Mousse Pie
Bing-Bing-Bing Cherry Pie
Fat-Free Key Lime Pie
Impressive Peanut Butter Cream Cheese Chocolate Swirl Pie
S'more Trifle, Please
Classic Chocolate Trifle
Cherry Chocolate Caramel Cookie Trifle
Fruit Bowl Trifle
Chocolate Cherry Wine Glass Trifles
Cherries Jubilee
Chocolate Chunk Brownie Dessert
Strawberry Brownie Pizza
Chocolate Dessert Pancakes
Chocolate Cappuccino Mousse
Heavenly Homemade Chocolate Mousse
Mousse-On-The-Loose Brownie Dessert
Delicate Dessert Kabobs
Elegant After-Dinner Parfait
Cheery Cherry Parfait