Types of Greens

Serves: 5



Type Description

Arugula, also known as Slender, toothed leaves with a peppery bite. Especially good as an accent with milder greens.

roquette or rocket

Belgian or French endive Smooth, elongated, compact heads of slender, crisp leaves that shade from white to very pale green. Slightly bitter flavor. Shred and serve alone or with other greens use the leaves whole with dips.

Bibb lettuce Small heads of tender, buttery-feeling leaves with a slightly sweet, mild flavor.

Boston lettuce Loose heads of tender, buttery-feeling leaves with flavor similar to Bibb lettuce.

Chinese cabbage, also Elongated heads that may be slender or fat wide-ribbed, tender leaves and crisp stalks are both equally good raw or cooked. called celery cabbage Slightly spicy flavor. Mix with American- or Asian-style salads.

or napa cabbage

Chicory, also called curly Fringed, curly leaves with a sharp, bitter taste. Darker green, tougher outside leaves have a stronger flavor than the lighter inner endive leaves. Good cooked or as an accent with milder greens choose a sweet dressing for contrast or an assertive one for power balance.

Escarole Wide, crisp flat leaves with slightly curled edges. Slightly bitter flavor. As with chicory, the tender, pale inner leaves are milder in taste. Use in salads, especially with other greens.

Green cabbage Heavy, tightly packed heads that shade from medium green on the outside to white on the inside. Shred for slaws or stir-fries, or use the leaves whole as wrappers for spicy meat or rice fillings for stuffed cabbage.

Iceberg lettuce Large, round tightly packed heads of light green, crisp leaves. Though wilt-resistant, the flavor is rather neutral.

Leaf lettuce Leaves--which may be ruffled or curly, green or red-tipped--are joined at the base but sprout out loosely rather than forming a compact head. Generally mild in flavor and very tender.

Mache, also called lamb's Dark green leaves shaped like lambs’ tongues, with mild, sweet flavor and soft texture.


Radicchio Small, compact heads of variegated red and white leaves with slightly bitter flavor. Generally more expensive than other greens, but a small amount is enough for color contrast and

flavor accent.

Red lettuce Similar in shape and flavor to green cabbage. Adding a small amount of vinegar when cooking red cabbage helps preserve the color.

Romaine lettuce Firm, crisp leaves with a mild, sweet flavor. Inner yellow leaves are more tender and sweeter than dark-green

Savoy cabbage Like green cabbage, with deeper green color and crinkled leaves that are more delicate than regular cabbage. Can be used interchangeably with green cabbage.

Sorrel Long, crisp, arrow-shaped leaves with a pungent, lemony flavor that is more pronounced than spinach. Sorrel is best cooked.

Spinach Crinkled or flat, crisp leaves with a soft texture and mild flavor. Hearty enough for main-dish salads. Requires extra washing to remove grit. Spinach can be served raw or cooked.

Watercress Delicate, spicy-flavored green. A good accent for salads and tea sandwiches.

Bags of Prewashed, mixed A time-saving convenience that often includes several fancier greens in addition to a workhorse lettuce such as romaine or iceberg. Store the blends in the refrigerator in the original bag.


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