DVO Enterprises is a family software company located in Alpine, UT. DVO's products are distributed through traditional retail channels and over the Internet.

DVO Enterprises was founded in a spare bedroom by software developer Daniel V. Oaks Jr. in March of 1992. As a student at Brigham Young University (BYU) with one computer, little capital, and no connections, Dan set out with the goal of creating quality software products to strengthen families.

Considering that 9 out of 10 new business startups fail, Dan admits that it's a miracle his succeeded. But, succeed it did! The HomeCook'n Newsletter has over 300,000 subscribers, DVO.com receives 10,000 unique visitors each day, and Cook'n has become the #1 best-selling recipe organizer with over millions and millions of copies sold!

Dan says this is a good but not good enough! That's why he went back to the drawing board and created Cook'n Version 11. Dan filed 8 patents for new features that he and his team invented in Cook'n Version 11. With it's new Scan-It, Snip-It, Snag-It, embedded web browser, and the amazing, mind-boggling, new Search & Capture feature, Cook'n Version 11 is revolutionizing the recipe industry replacing Google as the search engine of choice when it comes to recipes and becoming the portal through which all recipe websites are accessed.

And, with the release of the new Cook'n Mobile Apps for Android, iPhone, and iPad, Cook'n makes it even easier to make mealtime memorable and simplify meal preparation bringing families together and getting even closer to Dan's goal of creating quality software products to strengthen families.

What we Believe

At DVO we believe that, with God as our partner, we can change the world. We believe life is an exciting adventure and we're grateful for every new day. We dream big and pursue those dreams with vigor, enthusiasm, and passion. We value innovation and freedom. We seek help and guidance from our Creator as we develop our god-given talents and pursue our inspired ideas. We abhor conformity and refuse to accept mediocrity. We expect honesty and integrity in every case and will not tolerate any other alternative. We fear not and we doubt not...but go forward boldly with faith and determination to succeed.

Our Core Values

    DVO Enterprises is a company that creates software products which save people time and money and help them to be healthier and happier. Our products bring families together and simplify and improve their lives. We will change the world! We want to make a difference in this world. We want to create software tools and services that will have a transformative impact. In fact, creating something new and revolutionary is what excites us most!

Our Goal for 2016

15 million active monthly users

#1 Best-Selling Recipe App with millions and millions served!