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Where can I find video demonstrations to help with me with Cook'n?

Right here! Newest videos are at the top.

Now that I am a Premium subscriber, how do I use my credits to redeem free cookbooks?

To receive your free cookbooks each month, launch the Cook'n Desktop App and make sure that you are logged in to the Cook'n Cloud Account associated with your Premium subscription. Then, simply click the "Credits: 1" link at the top of the Home Page. Watch this demo video for more information. Note: if Cook'n is already running, please exit and restart so it will detect your new Premium Membership status.

I have sent multiple messages to support with no reply. Why don't you respond?

We respond to all e-mails. If you are not getting our responses it is probably because our messages to you are getting filtered. Please check your spam folder.

We usually respond to all e-mails in 24 hours or less except on weekends. We do not work on Saturday or Sunday.

Note: With the release of Cook'n Version 12, there are about 10 times more people using Cook'n than usual right now. As a result, the volume of support e-mails is significantly higher and response times are slightly longer than usual. Thank you for waiting patiently during this busy time!

Please do not send the same message multiple times because this will double or triple our work-load. Also, please do not send a five page e-mail with ten issues. These are very difficult to respond to. In order to serve you best, please send one issue at a time. When that issue is resolved, then go ahead and send your next issue. This really helps a lot. Thank you!!

I got a new computer (or my existing computer broke). How can I get Cook'n and all my recipes on my new computer?

Click to and follow step #2 to install Cook'n. Then, simply log in to your Cook'n Cloud account to get your recipes back.

If, for some reason, you never created a Cook'n Cloud account, launch Cook'n, click File->Restore, and select a recent/large backup file from the Documents\Cook'n Backups folder.

Cook'n fails to launch. I get a "log file error." How do I fix this?

If you recently upgraded your operating system to Windows 10 or El Capitan, Cook'n may fail to launch. The easiest way to solve this problem is to upgrade to Cook'n Version 12. Cook'n 12 has been optimized for these new operating systems. Note: For a one-time fee of only $4.95, you can upgrade to Cook'n Version 12 for free (a $64 value). Simply click here and sign up today while this deal lasts! Alternatively, you can try to fix this on your own by following the steps below.


  1. Right-click the Cook'n icon on your desktop
  2. Click Properties
  3. At the end of the text in the box labeled "Target," add a space and "-clean"
  4. Click Apply
  5. Open Cook'n


  1. Launch Finder and navigate to the Applications/Cook'n11(or 12)/Configuration folder
  2. Find the folder that ends is "osgi"
  3. Delete that folder
  4. Re-start Cook'n
  5. The deleted folder will be replaced by Cook'n, and the program should run well

Cook'n fails to launch. The splash screen appears and then goes away. What should I do?

Solution: Reboot your computer and try again. Explanation: If Cook'n is running and you try to launch it again, the splash screen will appear for a few seconds and then, when the app discovers that another instance is already running, the splash screen will disappear. If you look in Task Manager, you will probably see that Cook'n.exe is one of the active processes. You can terminate that process and launch Cook'n or simply reboot to solve this.

If that doesn't work, it could be that you are trying to launch Cook'n from a Windows User Account that does not have Administrator privileges. To solve this, right click on the Cook'n icon and choose "Launch as Administrator."

If that does not fix it, it's usually means one of these things:

  1. Your virus scanner or firewall is blocking Cook'n. To solve this, add Cook'n to your virus scanner's Exceptions list and/or add Cook'n to the list of firewall exceptions through your control panel function.
  2. Your data may be corrupted. Rename the Documents/Cook'n 11(or 12)/workspace/data folder to data-old and then try to launch Cook'n. If the app launches successfully, then we know that the launching problem has something to do with your recipe database and we can take next steps.

My Recipes are gone! How to I get them back?

If you have somehow lost your recipes, there are several things you can do to recover them:

  • Reboot your computer

  • Sometimes computers get confused and many times rebooting your computer will solve this problem

  • Log in to Your Cloud Account

    1. Rename the Documents\Cook'n12(or 11)\workspace\data folder to data-old
    2. Launch Cook'n, click the Sync button, and log in to your Cloud account
  • Restore a Backup File

    1. Launch Cook'n and Click File->Restore
    2. Navigate to the Documents\Cook'n Backups folder and choose one of your backup files (usually the most recent or the largest)

How do I get my recipes from Cook'n on my computer to Cook'n on my mobile device?

The Cook'n Cloud is the only way to transfer your recipes from your computer to your device. Here is how it works:

  1. You create a Cook'n Cloud account from a computer where Cook'n has all of your recipes.
  2. Once the account is created, sign into that same Cook'n Cloud account on any other computer and device, and the recipes from the cloud will replace whatever is in Cook'n on the second computer or device.
  3. From then on, any recipe added to any Cook'n connected to the Cloud Account will be uploaded to the cloud account and shared with all of the other computers or devices connected to you Cook'n Cloud account.

How can I capture my Pinterest recipes?

Watch this video to see how to sync your Pinterest recipes with Cook'n.

Where is the Scan-It button on my toolbar?

We enhanced this feature and replaced the Scan-It button with the new Snip-It icon. Watch this video to see how to use this feature. Note: Please remember to scan your images in JPG format rather than PDF for best results.

When I scan a recipe into Cook'n, all I get is a bunch of garbled text instead of the recipe. Why?

Because of certain limits to the OCR technology used to convert image to text, your recipe picture may not be able to be converted. Blurry images, hand-written script, and askew images will not convert well. For example, please look at the two images below:

The first image appears fairly clean and readable to the human eye. However, when you zoom in and take a close look at what the computer sees (see the 2nd image), it is easy to understand how difficult it would be for the computer to interpret this text accurately.

For example, as you can see, all of the letters run into each other. The ‘v’ in the word divide is just a big hodge podge of black, light-gray, and dark gray pixels that collide with the letter ‘i’ that follows it. The ‘s’ and the ‘c’ in the word “scalloped” run together as well. With a low resolution scan like this, it would be faster to just re-type the recipe.

The technology we use is the same used by Google for their book scanning project. It is a quality OCR engine that is highly regarded. If you are still wondering about this, I suggest downloading the FreeOCR app ( and comparing the results with the results you get in Cook’n. You will see that the results are the same.

I get no search results...Why?

  • Cook'n 10

  • Cook'n Version 10 came out about 6 years ago. Since then, the service provider that we use for Internet Search results changed their service which broke this feature. The best way to solve this is to upgrade to Cook'n 12. Note: For a one-time fee of only $4.95, you can upgrade to Cook'n Version 12 for free (a $64 value). Simply click here and sign up today while this deal lasts! Alternatively, you can follow the work-around steps below.

  • Work-Around

  • Use a browser (such as Chrome or Firefox) to search for recipes and when you find a good one, copy the web address and paste it into Cook'n. At that point, you can click the Capture button to save it.

How do I use my Golden Tickets?

Click here to watch this video demonstration showing you how to use your Golden Tickets.

How do I import a .dvo cookbook or recipe file?

To download your cookbook or recipe .dvo file, click on the product name on the Thank You page after you purchase the cookbook. If you already closed this window, that's OK because an e-mail message with this link is automatically sent. Simply check your e-mail. If you need additional help, click here to contact Cook'n Support

To download and install a cookbook into Cook'n, do the following:

  1. Right-click the download link and choose "Save Link As..." or "Save Target As..." or "Download Linked File As..." depending on your Internet browser
  2. Choose the Documents\Cook'n\Download folder and click Save and Cook'n will automatically import this cookbook

If this does not work, you can do the following.

  1. Right-click the appropriate download button and choose "Save Link As..." or "Save Target As..." or "Download Linked File As..." depending on your Internet browser. It should save as a .dvo file.
  2. Choose to save the file on your Desktop. It should be a .dvo file, not an .html file.
  3. Launch Cook'n and click File->Import->Cook'n Recipe File
  4. Select the .dvo cookbook file from you Desktop.

You can also watch a video on how to do this.

How do I export recipes from Big Oven, Living Cookbook, or MasterCook and import them into Cook'n?

Before you begin, please make sure you have the latest version of Cook'n. And, if you haven't already done so, please install the necessary Plugins.


  1. Open MasterCook
  2. Select the recipes you wish to export. (To select all press CTRL+A)
  3. Click File > Export or Mail
  4. Select the "Folder" tab instead of the Mail tab.
  5. Select the location to save your file
  6. Under "Text Options," select MC 5+ Format (*.MX2)
  7. Give the "Single File" a name
  8. Click "Export," then "Done."
  9. Run Cook'n and click File->Import->MasterCook
  10. Choose the file that you created in step #7

Living Cookbook:

  1. Open Living Cookbook
  2. Click File > Export
  3. Choose "Compressed Food Data Exchange"
  4. Click the "Add" button
  5. Select the cookbooks, chapters or recipes you wish to export
  6. Name and Choose a location for the Export file
  7. Click "Next," choose what information you want included.
  8. Click Finish.
  9. Run Cook'n and click File->Import->Living Cookbook
  10. Choose the file that you created in step #6

Big Oven:

  1. Open Big Oven
  2. Select the recipes you wish to export. (To select all press CTRL+A)
  3. Click File > Publish Recipes > To HTML
  4. Click"Yes" or "No" to include nutritional data.
  5. Close any internet browser window that pops up
  6. A Pop-up window will tell you what folder to find your files in.
  7. Run Cook'n and click File->Import->BigOven
  8. Choose the folder indicated in step #6

My Cook'n program won't update. What do I do?

Every time Cook'n is launched, it checks to see if a new version is available. If so, it will download the new files and install the update automatically. When finished, an orange Update icon will appear on the toolbar. When you see this, just click that icon.

In some cases, a manual update is required. Click Help->About to see what exact version you have. Then, click "See What's New" on the top right corner of the Cook'n Home page to see what the latest version is. Some Mac users and some Windows 32-bit may need to download and install an update file. In some cases, the Cook'n Home page will have a link for you to follow. In other cases, the "See What's New" web page will have the update link. If you need help contact support.

Cook'n on my Mac crashes with this message: "Cook'n quit unexpectedly..." Why?

This may happen if you are running Cook'n on an old version of the Mac Operating System. For example, if you are running Mac OS 10.6.8 (Snow Leopard), you may encounter problems like this. To solve this, upgrade your operating system. It's free!

Why doesn't the Capture feature work for all websites?

The recipe formatting differs from one site to the next. No two websites are the same! As a result, Cook'n must be customized for each site. The Capture feature in Cook'n works well for over 100 of the most popular recipe websites and, according to our log files, we have over a 95% capture success rate. However, some recipes are not captureable because they were published without any formatting whatsoever. For example, many bloggers publish their recipes without any formatting. This is a continuous effort. We have a team that is working to add compatibility for more and more websites and as progress is made, updates will be posted and the capture feature will get better and better.

Why are there so many ads in Cook'n?

If you search the internet and visit a website with ads, you may see them but there are no ads in Cook'n. DVO does not generate any revenue by selling advertisements.

I'm getting a "Local Host:5918 Error." What can I do?

The "localhost:5918" error is most often associated with your computer's firewall or anti-virus software. Cook'n requires an internet connection to browse and display internet recipes, so if the program is being blocked, Cook'n will not function properly.

To resolve this, check your firewall's list of approved programs to put Cook'n on your Exceptions list and approved for the network that you're connected to. You may also want to check that your anti-virus software is not blocking Cook'n from accessing the internet.

If you are still having trouble with the same error after checking both the firewall and the anti-virus software, please do the following:

  1. In Windows Explorer, browse to c:\windows\system32\drivers\etc\
  2. Right-click the “hosts” file and choose Copy
  3. Press Ctrl-V to paste (in order to make a backup of this file)
  4. Right-click the “hosts” file again and choose Properties
  5. Click the Security tab
  6. Click the Edit button
  7. Click “Users (your name)”
  8. Click the checkboxes in the Allow column
  9. Click Apply and OK
  10. Double-click the “hosts” file
  11. Leave any line that begins with a # symbol. Highlight and delete everything else, and replace all lines with just this one: localhost
  12. Launch Cook’n

Why does the Live Recipe Feed on my Mac say "Plugin Blocked?"

To fix this, launch Safari on your Mac and click here to update Adobe Flash Player.

I get a "Widget has no Parent" error when menu planning. How do I fix this?

We know that some people get this error...but we can't seem to reproduce it. So, we can't fix it. Son of a motherless widget!! However, we just learned of a way around it:

  1. Exit Cook'n
  2. Rename the "Documents/Cook'n12/workspace/.metadata" folder to "Documents/Cook'n12/workspace/old.metadata"
  3. Launch Cook'n

How do I add websites to the Live Recipe Feed Preferences?

The Live Recipe Feed is populated with information from Pinterest. Most websites also have corresponding Pinterest accounts. For example, a customer wanted to add recipes from to her Live Recipe Feed. So, I searched Google for "Pressure Cooking Today Pinterest Account" and this was the first search result: With this being the case, you would enter pressurecook2da into the Pinterest Username field in Cook'n

To customize the Live Recipe Feed, follow these steps:

  1. Click the Preferences icon on the right side of the Cook'n toolbar
  2. Click the "Live Feed Preferences" tab on the top left
  3. Enter the Pinterest Username of the site you want to follow
  4. Click Go
  5. Click the green arrow to the right of this field to have anything pinned to this account appear on your Live Recipe Feed
  6. Or, select a Board on the "Custom Feeds" list and click the right-arrow to have only recipes pinned to that board on your Live Recipe Feed

To find the Pinterest Username, simply copy it from the address bar as depicted here:

How do I get the Cook'n app for my mobile device?

The free mobile apps from Cook'n are available on the Google Play and iTunes app stores.

Sync fails with a "Not Responding" message. Why?

This problem seems to occur for those who have Cook'n Version 10. Cook'n 10 is about 5 years old. The solution to this problem is to upgrade to the latest version of Cook'n. Note: For a one-time fee of only $4.95, you can upgrade to Cook'n Version 12 for free (a $64 value). Simply click here and sign up today while this deal lasts!).

What is the Cook'n Cloud?

The Cook’n Cloud allows you to sync recipes between your computers and mobile devices. This means that you'll be able to enter recipes on one computer or device and access those same recipes on all other computers and devices running Cook'n.

How does the Cook’n Cloud work?

Here is how the Cook'n Cloud works:

  1. You create the account from a computer in which Cook'n has all of your recipes.
  2. You connect to that same Cook'n Cloud account on any other computer and device, and the recipes from the first computer will replace whatever is in Cook'n on the second computer or device.
  3. From then on, any recipe added to any Cook'n connected to the Cloud Account will be uploaded to the cloud account and shared with all of the other computers or devices connected to you Cook'n Cloud account.

If you have recipes in a Cook'n program that are not in the Cloud, you should export them as .dvo files (File>Export>Cook'n) before connecting to the Cook'n Cloud. Then, connect to the cloud. Once it's downloaded the cloud recipes, import the .dvo files. Then all of your recipes from all of your computers will be together in your Cook'n Cloud account.

After syncing on my mobile device, I am missing recipes, units of measure, quantities or ingredients. What can I do?

If your recipe data did not sync from the Cook'n Cloud to your mobile device, please do the following:

  1. Uninstall the Cook'n app from your device and re-install it
  2. Log into your Cook'n Cloud account on your device, and let it complete the sync

The recipes on my mobile devices are complete but my Desktop app is missing recipes. How do I fix this?

If your recipe data did not sync from the Cook'n Cloud to your desktop app, please do the following:

  1. Exit Cook'n
  2. Rename the Documents\Cook'n11(or 12)\workspace\data folder to data-old
  3. Launch Cook'n and log in to your Cook'n Cloud account and let it complete the sync

Sync fails with this error message: "[!AccountServiceResponseKey.DEVICE_REGISTRATION_FAILED]." Why?

When you create a Cloud Account, an activation e-mail is sent. You must click the link in that e-mail to activate your account. Then, you can continue creating your Cloud Account.

However, if, after clicking that link to activate your account, you go to a DIFFERENT computer and try to log in to your account, you will get this message. To resolve this, simply go back to the computer that your account was created on and finish the Cloud creation process from that machine.

Will Cook'n still backup my recipes to my computer?

Yes. Cook'n will continue to create backup .ckn files to your computer that contain all of your recipe data. They are saved into the Documents/Cook’n Backups folder. The Cloud will serve as an additional backup to keep your recipes safe.

I put a wrong email address in when I tried to register a cloud account. How do I correct that mistake?

Please try again using your correct email address. (If you entered a wrong email, then the link in the confirmation email will not be clicked and the account will not be created)

I began to create my cloud account, but I have not received the activation e-mail. What do I do?

The activation email is sent from If your account has already been created, click the resend activation button. Be sure to check your spam folders to see if you’ve missed it. Also, you may have entered the email address with a typo. Try to create the account again using your email address. If you continue to have problems, please contact support.

Does anything else sync besides my recipes?

Yes, Cook’n will sync your recipes, photos, menu plans, shopping lists, categories, ingredients, brands, and any other data you have entered into Cook’n.

How often does the Cloud sync?

If the Auto-Sync option in Preferences is checked, the Cook'n desktop app will sync 2 minutes after launching and every 10 minutes thereafter. If you do not have auto-sync on, it will only sync when you click the Sync button on the toolbar. The Cook'n for Android app functions the same way but it auto-syncs every 4 minutes. The Cook'n for iOS app does not auto-sync yet. You must tap the Sync button to sync it manually.

How many computers can be connected to the same Cook’n Cloud account?

For personal accounts, there is no limit. If you have a classroom or group of more than 10, please contact for further instructions.

Can I get a discount on the newest version of Cook'n if I have an older version?

Yes. Click here to get a special upgrade price. Note: For a one-time fee of only $4.95, you can upgrade to Cook'n Version 12 for free (a $64 value). Simply click here and sign up today while this deal lasts!

How do I e-mail recipes?

To keep things simple, Cook'n's default settings are designed to use the DVO mail server to send e-mail messages. However, in some cases, access to this server is blocked. If this happens, simply click the Setup button in the Mail Recipe window and check the "Use My SMTP Settings" check-box. Enter your Username, Password, etc. You may need to contact your E-Mail Service Provider to get this information. We would do this for you if we could but we cannot because we don't know this information or have access to it. After you enter this information, Cook'n will e-mail recipes for you!

Here are a few SMTP settings for common email providers.

Note: Gmail users may need to click "Turn On" here:

Will my old recipes and cookbooks transfer if I upgrade?

Yes. When you install Cook'n 12, it will search your computer system for an older version of Cook'n and upgrade your recipe data automatically.

If I download the upgrade version of Cook'n 12, do I need to keep my old version installed?

Only if you want Cook'n to upgrade your recipe data. Once your recipe data has been upgraded and appears in the latest version of Cook'n, you can delete old versions of Cook'n.

How do I transfer recipes from one computer to another?

Create a Cook'n Cloud account on one computer and log into that account from the other. Your recipes will transfer automatically. Alternatively, you can run Cook'n on one computer and click File->Backup. This will create a backup file. Transfer the backup file from one computer to the other computer via a network or e-mail, or by using a jump drive or CD/DVD. Once the backup file is on your new computer, run Cook'n and click File->Restore.

NOTE: Restoring a backup file will erase any recipe data that existed in the program previously. If you want to merge recipes from one computer to another, it is better to click File->Export on the first computer, transfer the resulting file, and then click File->Import on the other.

How do I restore a backup file?

Cook'n makes a backup of your recipe database files automatically from time to time. These backup files are saved, by default, into the Documents\Cook'n Backups folder (however, since this location is customizable, check the Options->Preferences dialog to verify). To restore a backup file, simply run Cook'n, click File->Restore, and choose the most recent backup file.

How do I analyze nutritional values?

Analyzing nutritional values can seem complicated at first. The easiest way to master this powerful aspect of Cook'n is to watch the video demonstration. The Nutritional Analysis Explained video demonstration will review this feature in much more detail.

I lost my cookbook. Can I re-download it again?

Please click here to contact Cook'n Support and tell us which cookbook you need to re-download. We will look up your order records and re-send a link or two for you.

Can I change to Metric units with Cook'n?

To convert your recipes to metric:

  1. Click View->Units on the toolbar
  2. Edit Pounds
  3. Uncheck the box that says "Use this unit when adjusting serving sizes"
  4. Edit Kilograms
  5. Check the box that says "Use this unit when adjusting serving sizes"
  6. Repeat with teaspoons, tablespoons, ounces, and grams, liters, milliliters, etc.
  7. Finally, open the recipe you want to convert and double the serving size and then cut the serving size in half to return it to the original value. Make sure the two check-boxes in the Adjust Serving Size window are checked. As Cook'n scales your recipe, it will convert the recipe to metric units.

How do I print my own cookbook?

  1. Launch Cook'n
  2. Click the cookbook that you want to print
  3. Click Print button on the toolbar.
  4. Click "Yes" to use the Cookbook Printing method and Cook'n will automatically create a Title Page, Table of Contents, and Index for you
  5. Click Print again and choose the "Professional Cookbook" printing option

How do I import photos into my recipes?

  1. Launch Cook'n
  2. Open your recipe
  3. Click Options->Add Photo
  4. Choose the photo file to add to this recipe

I registered for the Cook'n Club. What are my benefits, and how do I access the forum?

The Cook'n Club product on the Thank You page of our shopping is linked. Clicking this link will take you to a page with all the information you need. If you already closed this window, that's OK because an e-mail message with this link is automatically sent. Simply check your e-mail. If you need additional help, send an e-mail to

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