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Save 20% on the Cook'n Version 12 Upgrade. The new features are pretty spectacular. The new Cook'n Friends feature is causing quite a stir. The new Smart Folders feature was described by one user on Facebook recently as "...one of the best features that you all have come up with. 10/10 ranking. Great new addition." And, the new Professional Cookbook Printing feature brings your recipes to life!

In addition to these cool new features, owners of Cook'n 12 will continue to receive regular updates for free. We already have two cool new features to release next month! You can upgrade later but this is the last chance to get a 20% discount. Upgrade today and save 20% with coupon code: upgrade12

New Features:

  • Cook'n Friends
  • Getting a proven, kitchen-tested recipe from a friend is SO much better than sifting through a million search results on Google...especially if your friends are good cooks! With Cook'n 12 you can, you can invite five (5) of your best foodie friends to join your Cook'n Network. Those who accept your invitation get to download a basic version of Cook'n for free! Make sure to invite people who will accept your invitation because you only get 5 golden tickets!
  • Professional Cookbook Printing
  • With the click of a button, your personal cookbook will be printed, bound, and delivered to your front door! Print extra copies and give a personalized Christmas gifts that your children, siblings, parents, neighbors, and friends will cherish!
  • Smart Folders
  • Cook'n 12 has new Smart Folders that make it easy for you to see Recently Added, Recently Viewed, and Most Viewed Recipes. This convenient short-cut will save you time and make it easier for you to find your favorite recipes fast! Click here to see this feature in action.
  • Kitchen View
  • Cook'n 12 features a tablet-like display mode that makes it easy to see your recipes in the kitchen. Extra large fonts and big buttons make it easy to see and access your recipes when you're in the kitchen! Click here to see this feature in action
  • Custom User Interface
  • Cook'n 12 has a new appearance you have to see to believe! In addition to a new look & feel, Cook'n 12 has other UI improvements. For example, Cook'n 12 counts the recipes for you and displays the number at the top of the Recipe View. Click here to see this feature in action
  • Windows 10 & El Capitan Compatibility
  • Cook'n 12 works on Mac computers and ALL versions of Windows. Microsoft released a Windows 10 recently and Apple just released El Capitan which has a compatibility issue with Cook'n 11. There is a fix for this, but for best results, simply upgrade to Cook'n 12 today!
  • Performance Improvements
  • Better Memory Management
  • Improved Sync
  • Much More!
  • Get Weekly Updates
  • Over the last 2 years, we posted updates to Cook'n Version 11 about every 10 days. When you upgrade to Cook'n 12, you will continue to receive updates on a regular basis with new features, performance optimizations, and bug fixes! We get feedback from our customers, make improvements, and post regular updates every week or two. Cook'n just keeps getting better and better! Upgrade today and get regular updates.

Upgrade Today and Save 20%
with coupon code: upgrade12

Regularly: $79.95    Upgrade Price: $63.96    You Save: $15.99

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        In Cook'n 12, each cookbook, chapter, and recipe has a "Share" check-box. Recipes that you mark as "shared" can be viewed by your Cook'n Friends! Searching the internet for recipes is great...but having access to the recipes of your family and friends is even better! And, sharing your prized recipe collection feels great! How many Cook'n Followers do you have? Get Cook'n 12 and join the Cook'n Social Network!

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