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"I choose to get a Cook'n Membership because it makes me happy, allows me to choose healthy meal options, it saves me priceless time and money too at the grocery store, let's not forget that big plus! So, when I add it all up I ask myself; what is my happiness worth, my health, my time and my spending money in the grocery store on items I didn't even use to prepare my meals because I didn't have a list to go by? Well, $14.95 is small compared to all of that because darn it I'm worth it! Thanks & Happy Cook'n" --by Julie

"I love this app! I can share recipes with my family and friends, have my whole collection anywhere I go, and my recipe cards don’t get stained or worn out anymore. It’s so easy to find recipes online or import recipes from cookbooks or index cards. Worth every penny!" --by Lindsio

"LOVE this app. Easy to capture recipes. Syncs up with my desktop version. So easy to move between my samsung phone app, my windows desktop program, and my iPad app. I capture recipes when I'm out and about, or sitting on my back porch planning dinners for the next week. Just so easy to use." --by Shelbalexa

"I love Cook'n! I have tried other programs to store my recipes. None of them match what Cook'n offers. User friendly. Plus you can go to your home page for inspiration. I like the additional options, being able to share recipes with family, friends, other apps. Create your own cookbook, download other cookbooks. This site offers everything needed for your personal recipe collection. And the customer service is 5-Star also. --by Kim Cole

The Big Picture

Remember...if you do what you've always done, you're gonna get what you've always got. In fact, the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. So, mix it up! Do something different! Get a Cook'n Membership!

Why Cook'n? One of the keys to success in any endeavor is having the right tools; home repair, auto repair, any project is easier when you have the right tools. Cook'n is the best kitchen tool you can get to help you...

Find Amazing Recipes and Keep Track of Them

Cook'n A.I. (Artificial Intelligence) identifies your unique, personal, taste preferences and recommends recipes that are a perfect match for you; making it easy for you to finally answer that age old question—"what's for dinner?" And, when you find amazing recipes, Cook'n makes it easy for you to save them to your own personal cookbook so you can keep track of your favorites!

Eat Healthy & Lose Weight

If you want to eat better, lose weight, and improve your health, get a tool to help you. Get Cook'n! People who use Cook'n regularly eat less fast-food and less snacks and they eat more healthy, home-cooked meals. People who use the Menu Planner in Cook'n to plan their meals in advance tend to make better food choices and eat healthier.

Improve Relationships

If you want to improve your relationship with your family, get Cook'n! People who use Cook'n eat more meals together! "More frequent family dinners are related to fewer emotional and behavioral problems, greater emotional well-being, more trusting and helpful behaviors towards others and higher life satisfaction." -Journal of Adolescent Health, April 2012.

Eliminate the Clutter

If you want to eliminate the clutter and get organized, start by organizing your recipes. Get Cook'n and get organized!

Spend More Time on Things that Matter Most

If you want to spend more time on things that really matter, get Cook'n! Cook'n simplifies meal preparation and saves you time at the grocery store. Cook'n frees you up to spend time on the things that matter most.

Save Money

If you want to improve your financial situation, use Cook'n to cut your food budget. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, food is the third-largest household expense (after housing and transportation). How much did you spend on fast food last month? How much did you spend at the grocery store? $600, $800, $1,000? What if you could reduce that by 10% or 20% and save $200 per month? Would that help? Does it make sense to spend a few bucks on Cook'n (the cost of a hamburger at McDonald's) to save a couple hundred each month? You bet!

Annette Economides, co-author of Cut Your Grocery Bill in Half with America's Cheapest Family, says "The less you shop, the more you save." That makes sense because fewer trips to the store means less money spent on gas and impulsive purchases. What if you had a customizable meal plan and shopping list handed to you each week? Get a Cook'n Premium Membership and get a 5-Day Meal Plan every week!

Does food ever go bad in your fridge? We waste a remarkable amount of food every year. Studies indicate that American households waste nearly a third of their food! That's right! Almost 33% of the food we bring home from the grocery store ends up in the trash. Cook'n helps you make use of the food in your fridge. Before you hit the grocery store, use Cook'n to search the web to see how to get more meals out of what you already have.

Eating fast food is expensive. Eating more home-cooked meals is easy when you have a tool designed to simplify meal preparation. Get Cook'n and save money!

How much does poor health cost you? Do you ever miss work because you're sick? How much does a trip to the doctor cost? How much do those medicines and prescriptions cost? Would eating healthier help? Cook'n can help. Get Cook'n!

Member Benefits & Services

Free Upgrades

Cook'n Version 15 is here and the new features are AMAZING. Click here to see the new features. Best of doesn't cost $63.96 to upgrade. Members get the new Cook'n 15 upgrade for free! All new features are delivered immediately as soon as you sign up!

* Note: All annual subscribers qualify. Monthly members must be subscribed for 5 consecutive months or more to qualify.

Sync to an Unlimited # of Devices

Access your recipes anytime and anywhere with the Cook'n Cloud service. Members can sync recipes to an unlimited number of devices.

Cook'n Web App Access

The new Cook'n Web App allows you to access your recipes from any web browser. Cook'n Web App access is available to members only.

Cloud Backup

If you get a virus or if your hard disk crashes or if your house burns down, you could lose all your recipes. This off-site backup of your recipe data will protect you from data loss.

Free Tech Support     (Standard & Premium Only)

Tech support services are only available to subscribers. Getting help when you need it is worth the price of admission! If you need help with Cook'n, join today to gain access to free tech support.

Unlimited # of Captures     (Standard & Premium Only)

Since websites and recipe formats constantly change, the amazing Cook'n Capture feature is a web service that requires constant maintenance by DVO programmers to keep it working well. Non-subscribers and Basic subscribers can use this service to Capture a maximum of 2 recipes per day. Standard & Premium subscribers can Capture an unlimited # of recipes.

Unlimited # of Scans     (Standard & Premium Only)

Non-subscribers can Scan a maximum of 5 recipes per day. Subscribers can Scan an unlimited # of recipes.

No Ads     (Premium Only)

Use Cook'n ad-free with a Premium Membership! Note: If you load a recipe web page that has ads in the embedded web browser, you may see ads that are on that web page...but these are not Cook'n ads.

Cook'n A.I.     (Premium Only)

Cook'n A.I. (Artificial Intelligence) identifies your unique, personal, taste preferences and recommends recipes that are a perfect match for you; making it easy for you to finally answer that age old question—"what's for dinner?" Click here to see how Cook'n A.I. works and learn more about it.

Premium Features     (Premium Only)

There are a number of features that are available to Premium Members only. For example, Trending Today is one of the features that are available to Premium Members only. The Recipe Recommender is another feature for Premium Members. There are 4 or 5 other features that have been enhanced for Premium Members only.

Free Cookbook Download     (Premium Only)

Each month, Premium subscribers receive a credit that entitles them to one free Cookbook. With over 200+ cookbooks to choose from (and at least one or two new ones added each month), you will build an AMAZING electronic cookbook library in no time! You will get best-selling, brand name cookbooks free each month! Having these recipes in the Cook'n format means you can:

  •   Sync them to your mobile device for easy access in the kitchen
  •   Search the cookbook to find recipes quickly
  •   Analyze the nutritional value of any recipe
  •   Add them to your menus and meal plans
  •   E-mail or text them to family and friends
  •   Tweak them to suit your tastes and preferences

5-Day Meal Plans     (Premium Only)

Simplify meal preparation and save money at the grocery store with weekly 5-Day Meal Plans. Each meal plan includes Dovetail Tips to help you save prep time. charges $10/month for this service and Cook'n is much better. For example, when you import these meal plans into Cook'n, you can adjust the serving size to suit your family. You can add & remove items and tweak the menu according to your preferences and then Cook'n will make a shopping list for you. You can sync the shopping list and the recipes from the menu to Cook'n on your mobile device for easy access in the kitchen. You cannot do these things with Emeals or any other service. And, compared to the $10/month that Emeals charges, if this was the only benefit members received, it would more than pay for Premium membership. Join today!

Cook'n Forum     (Premium Only)

Be a part of our cooking community and have fun with kindred spirits. The Cook'n Forum is a place for members to get together to share tips, help each other, and have fun! Post cooking questions and get answers! Gain a little knowledge from an old pro or teach an old dog a new trick! Subscribe today and join the discussion!

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