Cook'n Club Yearly Membership Membership Includes

Cook'n Club Monthly Membership Membership Includes

Join the Cook'n Club today and receive the following Exclusive Benefits:

**NEW** The Cook'n Insider

Hosted by Dan Oaks, the founder of DVO, the creator of Cook'n, and the lead software developer, the Cook'n Insider includes a weekly report that provides behind-the-scenes information regarding the development of the Cook'n Apps. Be the first to find out what new features are coming. Get updates on the progress of the Cook'n Apps. Enjoy frequent updates from Dan. And, join the discussion! Post questions and get answers. Make suggestions and feature requests and help shape the next version of Cook'n!

Free Cookbook Download

Each month, Cook'n Club members receive a coupon that entitles them to one free Cookbook Download. With over 200+ cookbooks to choose from (and at least one or two new ones added each month), you will build an AMAZING electronic cookbook library in no time! You will get best-selling, brand name cookbooks free each month! Having these recipes in the Cook'n format means you can:

  • Sync them to your mobile device for easy access in the kitchen
  • Search the cookbook to find recipes quickly
  • Analyze the nutritional value of any recipe
  • Add them to your menus and meal plans
  • E-mail or text them to family and friends
  • Tweak them to suit your tastes and preferences

If this was the only benefit members received, it would more than pay for membership in the Cook'n Club. Join today!

5-Day Meal Plans

Simplify meal preparation and save money at the grocery store with weekly 5-Day Meal Plans. Each meal plan includes Dovetail Tips to help you save prep time. charges $10/month for this service and Cook'n is much better. For example, when you import these meal plans into Cook'n, you can adjust the serving size to suit your family. You can add & remove items and tweak the menu according to your preferences and then Cook'n will make a shopping list for you. You can sync the shopping list and the recipes from the menu to Cook'n on your mobile device for easy access in the kitchen. You cannot do these things with Emeals or any other service. And, compared to the $10/month that Emeals charges, if this was the only benefit members received, it would more than pay for membership in the Cook'n Club. Join today!

Cook'n Club Forum

Be a part of our cooking community and have fun with kindred spirits. The Cook'n Club Forum is a place for members to get together to share tips, help each other, and have fun! Post cooking questions and get answers! Gain a little knowledge from an old pro or teach an old dog a new trick! Join the Cook'n Club and join the discussion!

HomeCook'n Weekly

There's nothing quite like the HomeCook'n Newsletter...with those funny jokes, great recipes, helpful cooking tips, and interesting reader comments. Now you can get the HomeCook'n Newsletter each week! The weekly edition includes bonus articles written by Alice Osborne, author of the popular book "It's Here...Somewhere," with time-saving tips that you can't find anywhere else! At a $1 or so per issue for 52 issues, if this was the only benefit members received, it would more than pay for membership in the Cook'n Club. Join today!

Recipe Exchange

The Cook'n Recipe Exchange is a great way to get the best kitchen-tested recipes. Upload your favorites recipes or find a treasure!

HomeCook'n Monthly Archive

Join the Cook'n Club today and you will be able to access the HomeCook'n Newsletter Archive and enjoy hundreds of issues of outstanding recipes, excellent cooking tips, hilarious jokes, and much more! Access to this archive is an exclusive benefit for Cook'n Club Members ONLY!

Free Product Give-Away

Once a month we will draw one name from all our Cookn Club members and send them a FREE Cooking Appliance, Cooking Tool or a Unique gift from the DVO Store. This month we're giving away the popular Betty Crocker Recipe Binder Set!

Priority Tech Support

When responding to support e-mail messages, our goal is a turn-around time of 24 hours or less. To achieve this, DVO Support representatives always respond to the oldest messages first...except for messages sent by Cook'n Club Members. Cook'n Club members receive a high priority e-mail address and "go to the front of the line" when it comes to customer support issues. In addition to priority tech support members have extra support by communicating with other Cook'n users in the Cook'n Club Forum. Getting help when you need it is worth the price of admission! Join today!

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