Cook'n A.I. (Artificial Intelligence) is ALIVE!!!

What is it? Cook'n A.I. (Artificial Intelligence) identifies your unique, personal, taste preferences and recommends recipes that are a perfect match for you; making it easy for you to finally answer that age old question—"what's for dinner?"

How it works: The truth is...we don't even really know how it works. That's because Cook'n A.I. has a mind of its own! My genius Cook'n programmers have been creating Cook'n A.I. for over a year now and it was just born.  We know this—IT'S A BOY!! And, it's SUPER smart (and a little sassy too!).

How we think it works: As far as we can tell, Cook'n A.I. looks at the recipes that you capture and builds a taste profile for you. Then, we think it goes out and crawls the internet to find other recipes that match your profile in order to magically come up with these amazing recommendations.

How to teach Cook'n A.I.: To teach Cook'n A.I. about your personal recipe tastes...just Capture more recipes! Keep in mind that the process of sifting through billions of web pages for fantastic recipes that match your specific taste preferences takes several minutes.  So, capture some recipes, wait a few minutes, and check the results.  Capture some more, and check again, etc. The more you use Cook'n to Capture recipes the better your recommendations will be!

NOTE: The processing power required by Cook'n A.I. is MASSIVE (think about must analyze your personal taste preferences and then scour a billion internet recipes to find recipes that are a perfect match for you!). So, this feature is available to Members only. If you're not a Member yet, click here to sign up right now so you can try it out!


Dan Oaks
President and Founder
DVO Enterprises
Creator of Cook'n

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