Kids, Food & Diabetes Family Cookbook

Gloria Loring

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  • Over 220 diabetic recipes
  • More than 20 custom video clips
  • Analyze the nutritional value of recipes
  • Satisfy dietary needs easily
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Kids, Food and Diabetes Family Cookbook

The meals in this edition of Cook'n are designed to satisfy diabetic needs and at the same time, taste delicious for the entire family. The psychological support of eating the same meals greatly reduces the stress of "being different." Now you can prepare one delicious meal for the entire family.

Use Cook'n to count calories, carbohydrates, and fats of any recipe or menu; even the ones you add. Balance your sugar level naturally with delicious snacks. Discover dozens of tips and ideas in the Snacks chapter, including a variety of shakes, savory snacks and sweet snacks.

Gloria Loring, a spokesperson for the Juvenile Diabetes Foundation International (JDF), has had many requests from families asking for recipes for their children.Using recipes from her own kitchen and additional sources, she created "The kids, Food and Diabetes family Cookbook" with all proceeds donated to JDF.

To celebrate the 50th anniversary of its dishwasher, KitchenAid has funded this CD-ROM version of Gloria Loring's cookbook, with a portion of all proceeds once again benefiting diabetes research. Use Cook'n for Diabetics to access all the recipes from Gloria's original cookbook. We have also included a complete nutritional list of many fast food restaurants which makes it the perfect cookbook even when you don't feel like cooking.

220 diabetes video clips and more!

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