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New Look & Feel

The vibrant new color palette in Cook'n 15 mirrors the innovative and transformative features that will elevate your cooking experience to new heights! The new "Recently Made" ticker on the Cook'n Home Page makes it easy to discover the best recipes ever...the ones that Cook'n users have recently made! And, the enhanced Zoom feature, striking highlights, and other User Interface improvements make Cook'n Version 15 more enjoyable and user-friendly than ever! Click here to see a quick sneak peek.

ZOOOOOOOM...Makes it Easy to See Your Favorite Recipes!

The new Zoom feature empowers you to increase the font size of your recipes, making them easier on the eyes. Say goodbye to squinting at the screen and hello to a more comfortable and enjoyable cooking experience. We believe in catering to your needs, and this feature is designed with our valued, longtime users in mind. Now, you can continue to explore and enjoy your culinary adventures with ease. Click here to see the zoom feature in action.

New! "Cook-It" Feature

Welcome to the future of recipe sharing with Cook-It! This groundbreaking feature transforms how you engage with Cook'n and the vibrant Cook'n Community. Simply hit the 'I Made This' button to announce your culinary creation to fellow enthusiasts. Share the experience by adding a personal food photo and a comment, letting everyone in on your kitchen triumphs and trade secrets. With Cook-It, dinner is served—your journey begins here!

New! "Recently Made" Recipes

The Recently Made Ticker on the Cook'n Home Page is an exciting window into the kitchens of the Cook'n Community! Discover the absolute best, tried-and-true, kitchen-tested recipes as you see what fellow Cook'n users have recently made. Your gateway to culinary inspiration starts here!

Unleash the Power of our Vibrant Cook'n Community

Embark on a culinary adventure with Cook'n Version 15, where the best recipes come to life. Dive into a world of inspiration as you browse recipes, read comments, and uncover helpful tips. The excitement doesn't stop there—click on a fellow cook's name or avatar to unlock a treasure trove of all the incredible recipes they've made. Upgrade to Cook'n 15 and discover a community-driven cooking experience like never before!

Score Big and Climb the Leaderboard!

Introducing the thrill of culinary achievement with Cook'n Version 15! Elevate your cooking game with our dynamic new gamification features. Keep track of your culinary prowess on the Scoreboard, showcasing the number of recipes you've 'Made' and your impressive streak of consecutive Cook'n days. Click on these values to unveil the Cook'n Leaderboard, where you'll compete with fellow users for the top spot! Upgrade to Cook'n 15 for a fun, interactive, and rewarding cooking experience like never before.

New! Compact Cookbook Printing

Get ready to explore a new dimension of convenience and charm in organizing your recipes. With Cook'n 15, you can now print your favorite recipes in a compact 8.5" x 5.5" format! Say goodbye to expensive printing costs! Our new compact size lets you print your cookbooks for as low as $0.11 per page, making it easier than ever to bring your culinary creations to life. The 8.5" x 5.5" size adds a touch of cuteness to your cookbooks, aligning perfectly with the charming nature of your favorite recipes. Click here to see this feature in action.

New Import Plugins

Unlock seamless transitions to Cook'n Version 15 with our brand-new Import Plugins! Effortlessly migrate your recipes from other platforms like MacGourmet, My CookBook, Recipe Manager, Pepperplate, Recipe Keeper, MasterCook, LivingCookbook, Paprika, and BigOven. Switching to Cook'n has never been smoother – welcome to a world of superior recipe organization!

New Eclipse Platform

Upgrade to Cook'n Version 15 for an enhanced experience! We've incorporated a powerful Eclipse Platform upgrade, resulting in a remarkable 4X improvement in app performance and recipe browsing speed. Enjoy a faster, smoother, and more responsive Cook'n desktop app – the heart of your culinary journey just got even better!

Get Regular Updates

Over the last 3 years, we posted updates to Cook'n 14 frequently. When you upgrade to Cook'n 15, you will continue to receive updates on a regular basis with new features, performance optimizations, and bug fixes! We get feedback from our customers, make improvements, and post regular updates every couple weeks. Cook'n just keeps getting better and better! Upgrade today and get regular updates!

Much More!

In addition to these cool new features, owners of Cook'n 15 will continue to receive regular updates for free. We already have two more REALLY cool new features to release next month!

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