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Peanut Caramel Rolls

Serves: 8
Total Calories: 1,055


3 cups powdered sugar unsifted
1 (7-ounce) jar marshmallow creme
3/4 cup creamy peanut butter
2 tablespoons whipped cream or half-and-half
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
1 (14-ounce) package caramel candy
2 tablespoons water
4 cups peanuts chopped dry roasted


In a large bowl, mix powdered sugar, marshmallow creme, peanut butter, cream or half-and-half, and vanilla with a rubber scraper until partially blended. Transfer to a board and knead until smooth. Divide into eight equal portions and form each into a 4-inch roll. Wrap each roll in plastic wrap and freeze for 4 hours or until firm.

In a 1-quart saucepan over low heat, melt caramels in water, stirring until well blended.

Place nuts in a pie plate. Unwrap the frozen rolls. Using two forks, quickly dip one roll at a time into the caramel mixture roll in nuts. Place on waxed paper. Chill for 1 hour. Wrap in plastic wrap and store in a cool dry place.

Nutritional Facts:

Serves: 8
Total Calories: 1,055
Calories from Fat: 450

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