Uses for the Microwave

Serves: 5



Uses Tips

Defrost frozen foods Use microwave-defrosted meats at once.

Cook fresh and frozen vegetables Add water sparingly for high-moisture foods like vegetables. Too much water drains color, flavor and nutrients and slows cooking.

Soften cream cheese Remove foil wrappers and heat just long enough to soften but not melt the cream cheese.

Soften ice cream Try low power for 10 or 15 seconds, just enough to soften the edges for easier scooping.

Soften or melt butter or margarine Cover the dish with microwave-safe waxed paper to prevent spatters.

Melt jam for glazes Handle carefully melted sugar is very hot.

Sofen chopped vegetables for Ideal for fat-free "sautéing" of onions, garlic, bell pepper and the like soften the vegetables in water, broth, juice or wine.

casseroles and stuffing

Reheat soups, casseroles and Single servings cook faster than family-sized dishes. Cover with a glass lid (the lid of a casserole or slow cooker is ideal) or main dishes microwave-safe plastic wrap to hold in moisture and speed reheating.

Plump raisins and other dried Cover the dried food with water or fruit juice and cook on high power for a minute or two let the fruit stand until soft. Drain and fruits, dried mushrooms or sun- squeeze out liquid before using in recipes. Flavorful liquid can be reserved for compotes, baked goods or rice dishes.

dried tomatoes

Melt chocolate Melt on medium or low power. Chocolate melted in the microwave oven tends to retain its shape, so stir it to check the degree of melting.

Partially cook foods to be finished Transfer food immediately from the microwave oven to grill or conventional oven do not hold for later cooking.

in conventional oven or on the grill

Freshen stale muffins and soft- Try about 15 seconds to add moisture to day-old baked goods. Do not microwave crusty breads or flaky pastry, which will textured baked goods become soggy. High-sugar fillings and frostings heat very quickly. Watch carefully to prevent overheating.

Reheat frozen dinners or prepared Follow package instructions, but check doneness at the minimum suggested cooking time. Most are sufficiently cooked when entrees the food is piping hot throughout.

Heat milk for cocoa or a mock Heat 1 cup of milk for about 2 1/2 minutes on high power, using a container with at least a 2-cup capacity to prevent boilovers. cappuccino For foam, whip with a wire whisk.

Prepare single servings of hot Use milk instead of water for extra richness and calcium.


This Uses for the Microwave recipe is from the Cook'n with Pillsbury Cookbook. Download this Cookbook today.

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