Preface to the new edition

Kitchen Set Up

Advance Preparation


berry smoothie
piña colada smoothie
cantaloupe smoothie
berries and almond cream
dried fruit compote
avocado fruit salad
summer fruit platter
tropical fruit salad
strawberries with raspberry jam
papaya-banana breakfast pudding
chia-blueberry breakfast pudding
strawberry cashew yogurt

Easy Snacks

Dips, Pâtés, And Savory Sauces

sweet tahini mayonnaise
mock sour cream and chive dip
olive tapenade
zucchini hummus
not tuna pâté
walnut pâté
sunflower seed–herb pâté
marinara sauce
mock peanut sauce
mango salsa
almond butter

Salad Dressings

classic Vinaigrette
apple vinaigrette
creamy dill dressing
avocado-lime dressing
goddess dressing
fig dressing
creamy cucumber dressing
mango and red bell pepper dressing
pesto dressing
lemon herb dressing
sweet mustard dressing
ranch dressing
tahini-lemon dressing

Vegetable Side Dishes

cucumbers with fresh mint
carrots with moroccan spices
carrots with parsley and walnuts
latin american cabbage
mediterranean kale
dilly slaw
marinated vegetables
southern greens
swiss chard with pine nuts and raisins

Cakes, Cookies, And Bars

walnut-raisin cake
apple crumb cake
spanish fig cake
flourless chocolate cake
not peanut butter cookies
almond cookies
almond flour
chocolate chip cookie dough

Shakes, Ice Creams, And Sorbets

banana shake
chocolate malt
banana ice cream
vanilla ice cream
mango sorbet

About The Author


Raw Basics


Green Smoothies

apple-banana green smoothie
nonsweet green smoothie
blueberry green smoothie
chocolate green smoothie
frosty banana-apple green smoothie
simple berry green smoothie
peachy apple green smoothie
minty green smoothie
creamy berry green smoothie
pineapple green smoothie
banana-grape green smoothie
mango and collard greens smoothie
honeydew green smoothie
pear and parsley green smoothie
fall green smoothie
garden vegetable green smoothie

Menus For Lunch and Dinner


cream of cucumber soup
cream of tomato soup
cream of zucchini soup
curried cream of carrot soup
garden vegetable soup
miso soup
papaya-lime soup
spinach-apple soup


guacamole sandwich
not tuna sandwich
hummus sandwich
walnut pâté sandwich
pizza sandwich
veggie sub
sloppy joe
apple sandwiches

Raw On The Go

Crisps, Pies, And Tarts

crumble topping
fig crust
almond crust
walnut crust
apple crisp
blackberry crisp
tropical fruit pie or tart
key lime pie or tart
apple pie or tart
blueberry pie or tart
chocolate pie or tart with strawberries

Next Steps


Tools and Techniques


pink apple juice
carrot-celery-beet juice
carrot-celery-cucumber juice
carrot-apple-ginger juice
energizing-purifying juice
fasting juice
basic green juice
super green juice
citrus sunshine juice
cucumber lemon water
V-7 juice

Cereals and Milks

almond and sunflower seed cereal
multiseed porridge
whole oatmeal
ground seed mix
hemp milk
almond milk
coconut milk
cashew milk

Lunch and Dinner


green salad
green salad with fennel and cherry tomatoes
garden salad
caesar salad
rainbow salad
chopped salad
lettuce, tomato, and avocado salad
the wedge
taco salad
composed salad with pears
grapefruit and avocado salad
trail mix salad
greek salad
thai salad
harvest salad
arame salad
jerusalem salad
caprese salad
indian carrot and cucumber salad
mango and avocado salad
shaved beet salad
tricolor salad


garden wrap
california rolls
avocado boat
not meatballs
spring roll
stuffed mushroom
zucchini pasta al pesto
stuffed dates in marinara sauce
tomato stack
pasta avocado
stuffed bell pepper


Mousses, Puddings, And Sweet Sauces

key lime mousse
chocolate mousse
banana pudding
carob pudding
mango pudding
lemon glaze
sweet orange cream sauce
vanilla crème sauce
raspberry sauce