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Sourdough Loaf 2-pound

Serves: 16

The recipe below is complete except for the ingredient amounts (_). Since the recipes offered at are brand name recipes, our publisher partners require us to account for each recipe distributed. To get the entire recipe click Request Recipe below. This is the best Sourdough Loaf 2-pound recipe on the web!!

Serving Size: 1 slice
2-Pound Recipe

   _ 1/2 cups
   ___ cup water
   _ cups bread flour
   _ tablespoon sugar
   _ teaspoon salt
   _ 1/4 teaspoons bread machine yeast

Make 1 Pound Recipe with bread machines that use 3 cups flour, or make 2 Pound Recipe with bread machines that use 4 cups flour.

Remove Sourdough Starter (see Good and Savory Loaves) from refrigerator at least 2 hours before starting bread. Measure correct amount for recipe, and let stand until room temperature. The starter will expand as it warms up. (Replenish remaining starter as directed in Sourdough Starter recipe.)

Measure carefully, placing all ingredients in bread machine pan in the order recommended by the manufacturer.

1 Slice: 175 Calories (10 calories from fat); 1g fat (0g saturated); 0mg cholesterol; 210mg sodium; 37g carbohydrate (1g dietary fiber); 5g protein

SUCCESS TIP: Use the starter regularly to keep it alive and active. If the volume of your loaves begins to decrease, dissolve 1 teaspoon bread machine or quick active dry yeast in cup warm water. Stir in cup milk, cup bread flour or all-purpose flour and remaining starter.

DID YOU KNOW? Sourdough starter was the only leavening pioneers had to make breads, biscuits and pancakes. Each evening, starter was removed from the crock and set "to work" for the next day's bread. A little of the "sourdough" was returned to the crock the next day to ferment and be ready for the next time.

Select Basic/White cycle. Use Medium or Light crust color. Remove baked bread from pan, and cool on wire rack.

From "Betty Crocker's Best Bread Machine Cookbook, The Goodness of Homemade Bread the Easy Way." Text Copyright 1999 General Mills, Inc. Used with permission of the publisher, Wiley Publishing, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

From "Betty Crocker's Best Bread Machine Cookbook." Text Copyright 1999 General Mills, Inc. Used with permission of the publisher, Wiley Publishing, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

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Sourdough Loaf 1.5-pound
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Chocolate Mint Bread 1.5-pound
Vanilla Sour Cream Bread 1.5-pound
Beer Bacon Bread 2-pound
Beer Nut Bread 2-pound
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Chocolate Mint Bread 2-pound
Chocolate Walnut Bread 2-pound
Classic White Bread 2-pound
Fiery Flour-Pepper Bread 2-pound
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Herbed Vinaigrette Bread 2-pound
Honey Lemon Bread 2-pound
Honey Mustard Bread 2-pound
Mediterranean Herbed Bread 2-pound
Orange Cappuccino Bread 2-pound
Parmesan Sun-Dried Tomato Bread 2-pound
Pumpkin Seed Bread 2-pound
Raisin Cinnamon Bread 2-pound
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Sally Lunn 2-pound
Sourdough Loaf 2-pound
Sourdough Starter
Toffee Chip Bread 2-pound
Vanilla Sour Cream Bread 2-pound

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