01-The Changing Face of Homemade

Serves: 5



When was the last time you made soup from scratch, or salad dressing, or cake? There's no need to apologize "homemade" has changed. Today, the everyday home cook needs a few shortcuts, and I'm not just talking about sauces made from condensed soup and packets of dried onion dip. They've been usurped by jars of bruschetta, pesto, and tapenade. They've been elevated by demi-glace concentrate and fig balsamic glaze, and internationalized with cans of coconut milk, Thai peanut paste, and curry cooking sauce.

This new crop of prepared ingredients is not just a way to get food on the table rather, they provide an opportunity for home cooks to rediscover the joy of cooking.

Let the naysayers decry the demise of homemade food. I say the future of home cooking is bright, for though we have less and less time to cook, we have more and more options. The tedious has become fun, the complicated has been demystified, and what used to take hours to prepare is now ready in minutes.

In these pages you will find more than three hundred inventive recipes that will jump-start the way you cook. With the help of carefully selected flavor-packed products combined with fresh ingredients, you
will learn to create the kind of food you never would have thought you could make at home. Smoked Salmon Carpaccio (Hors d'Oeuvres, Snacks & Other Small Plates), Dulce de Leche Banana Pie (Desserts & Treats), and Pork Chops with Chipotle Cherry Demi-Glace (Beef, Pork, Lamb & Veal) become effortless when you take advantage of the revolution that has transformed the food market into your own personal prep kitchen.

This phenomenon is not confined to individual ingredients-it's a new way to cook that streamlines the way we prepare everything, from soup to dessert. Our opportunities continue to expand. Salsas are being sweetened with fruit, and jams are being spiked with spices and herbs. Canned tomatoes and broths are preseasoned to make Mexican, Mediterranean, or Asian cuisines more accessible. There are whole-grain baking mixes, whole-wheat couscous, and quick-cooking brown rice.

We have seen the birth of all-natural and organic prepared sauces, condiments, and marinades. Major food manufacturers are marketing organic salsa, ketchup, and juice. There are organic brownie mixes, spice blends, and condensed soups. The phenomenon is twofold, illustrating on one hand how organics have tipped into the mainstream, but also showing us that cooking shortcuts are being embraced by all segments of the population. Even all-natural devotees, who at one time saw themselves as definitive from-scratch cooks, are now taking advantage of products that meet their standards for purity and also simplify the way they cook.

Home cooking is constantly evolving toward ease and speed. A century ago the availability of commercially cleaned chickens made the need for home cooks to pluck and gut their own poultry obsolete.
Now the notion of cutting a chicken into pieces or skinning and boning a breast seems hopelessly old-fashioned. Twenty years ago the 60-minute meal was promoted as fast since then the notion of speed has devolved from 30 minutes to 20 to 15 to instantaneous.

In the modern world there are countless ways to get dinner on the table, and just a few of them involve cooking, which means that the only reason to cook is if you want to. It is my hope that once you start cooking with shortcut recipes, the number of times you choose to cook will multiply. And the more you taste the exciting results and experience how little effort they take, the more cooking at home will
become an everyday pleasure that you won't want to miss.

This 01-The Changing Face of Homemade recipe is from the Homemade in a Hurry Cookbook. Download this Cookbook today.

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