Praise for Lickety Split Meals
Introduction: How the seed was planted
What Lickety Split Meals Can Do For You
Why Lickety Split Meals is Unique
Frequently Asked Questions
Getting Started with Lickety Split Meals
Recommended Ingredients that Pass the Test of Time, Taste, and Health
Handy Conversions, Abbreciations, and International Conversions
Lickety Split Tip

Appeteasers Recipes

Benito Bean Dip
7-Layer Bean Dip
Oklahoma Bean Dip
Herbed Salmon Spread
Holiday Crab Dip
Bagel Chips
Spinach Dip in Pumpernickel
South of the Border Roll Ups
Simple Tofu Bites
Tzatziki and Vegetables
Marinated Sesame Chicken Kabobs
Zippy Zonya Mexi Mix

1 Minute Mini Meals Tips

True or False?
Pop Quiz 1
Pop Quiz 2
Pop Quiz 3
Pop Quiz 4
Dashboard Dining Tips
Can you think of any foods that may have contributed to your long and healthy life?

15 Minute Meals Recipes

Veggie and Cheese Stuffed Baked Potato
Chicken Dijon Stuffed Baked Potatoes
Guiltess Nachos Supreme
Turkey Joes
Crispy Chicken Dijon
Creamy Chicken Dijon over Noodles
White Beans with Tomato, Basil, and Parmesan
Cheesy Potato Skillet with Mixed Vegetables
Caribbean Black Beans with Squash
Cheesy Scrambled Tofu

30 Minute Meals Tips

Money-Saving Tip for Brown Rice
Married with children?
Germ-Free Cooking
How to combat the after-work snack attacks
Attention: Macaroni and Cheese Fans!
Fish Facts
Need to lower your cholesterol?
Pepper power!
Cholesterol-lowering tip
Bring on the Beef!
Final Tip

Pasta Recipes

Veggie Sghetti
Pasta Primavera
Southwest Chili Pasta
Herbed Italian Sauasage over Pasta
Parmesan Turkey Cutlets over Angel Hair
White Beans and Penne Pasta
Oriental Noodle Toss with Black Beans

Pizza Tips

Pita: The perfect ready-made pizza crust
Pizza AND cookies? Are you sure this is a healthy cookbook?
Solution to typical pizza problem #1: CHEESE and LOTS of it.
What is chutney?
Solution to typical pizza problem #2: Fatty toppings
Solution to typical pizza problem #3: Pizza is usually the only food choice served at the meal
Is seafood high in cholesterol or not?
Great ideas from people like you!

Soups Recipes

Miracle Soup
Lentil Spinach Soup
Creamy Cauliflower Soup
3 Bean Turkey or Vegetarian Chili
Speedy Minestrone with Rice
Quick Creamy Tomato Soup
Hearty Bean and Pasta Stew

Slow Cooking Tips

Secrets to successful slow-cooked meat and vegetables
Who has time in the morning to load the slow cooker?
Slow-cooker buying tips
Beat the heat and save electricity!
No peeking allowed!
Slow cooker tips for dried beans
Snacking from a Veggie Tray
Gourmet Taste Tip for Cumin Seed
After-Dinner Exercisers - True or False
Pork “The Other White Meat®”
Is it true that carrots are high in sugar?
6 Keys to Your Lowest Blood Pressure Ever!
Final Tip

Sweet Treats Recipes

Simple Summer Fresh Fruit Pie
Blueberry Buckle
Chocolate Amaretto Cheesecake
Creamy Frosted Carrot Cake or Muffins
Chewy Multi Grain Bars
Chocolate Chip Bar Cookies
Oatmeal Cookies
Chocolate No Bakes
Cocoa Lava Kisses
'Nana Bread
Enlightened Zucchini Bread
Surprise Pumpkin Pie
Pumpkin Oat Bran Bread or Muffins
Banana Nut Cake or Muffins
Flaming Bananas Foster
Hot Fudge Brownie Cake
Applesauce Dumplings
Brownie Banana Split

Grocery List Tips

Tofu Buying Tips
Won’t buying everything on this list cost me a fortune?
Try to buy whole-grain pasta whenever possible
Do you know about Eden beans?
Hitting the Sauce
Sodium Savvy to the Max!
What is chutney?
What is whole-wheat pastry flour?
Will I need to add on a second kitchen? This Lickety-Split list is HUGE!
Money-saving tip for buying spices
Cereal Selection Tips
Nutrients lost when whole wheat is refined
Tips for selecting a “healthy” commercial stir-fry sauce
Should we give eggs a break?
How does cheese fit into a healthy diet?
Red meat. Where do you draw the line?
Will I need to buy a deep freezer?
Grocery Store Checkout 1-Minute Stress Buster

Breakfast Recipes

Breakfast Casserole
Scrambled Omelette
Scrumptious Swiss Oats 'n Fruit
Breakfast in a Cookie
Homemade Turkey Sausage
Whole Grain Pancakes
Banana Oat Pancakes
Glazed Cinnamon Nut Buns
Whole Grain French Toast
Ambrosia Rice

Appeteasers Tips

Party Survival Tip #1: Halve it and you can have it!
Party Survival Tip #2: Plan ahead
Party Survival Tip #3: Include exercise before you go
Party Survival Tip #4: Mingle AWAY from the food
Party Survival Tip #5: Use a plate
Party Survival Tip #6: Put foods to the “pinch, slip and shine” test
Party Survival Tip #7: Avoid drinking all your calories
Party Survival Tip #8: Bring a healthy dish to pass
Party Survival Tip #9: Keep your focus away from the food
Party Survival Tip #10: Stop eating early
Party Survival Tip #11: No matter what, stay positive
How do you eat right when your job has you on the road ALL the time?

5 Minute Meals Recipes

Benito Bean Burritos
Great Northern Tuna Salad Stuffer
Almond Chicken Salad
Black Bean and Corn Salad
Turkey and Hot Mustard Roll Ups
Mediterranean Roll Ups
Vegetable and Spinach Dip Roll Ups
Eggless Salad Stuffer

15 Minute Meals Tips

Crafty ways to sneak positive foods into your child
How many fat grams can I have each day?
True or False?
“The Clean-Plate” Syndrome
Buying chicken: Save yourself time, money and headaches
Simple Cutting Tip
Pop Quiz!
“The Big Eater”
Beans, Beans the Magical Fruit . . .
What Does Tofu Taste Like?
Final Tip

Oven, Exercise, Eat Recipes

Oven Baked Lentils and Rice
Pizzucchini with Redskins
Tuna Noodle Casserole
Tantalizing Turkey Loaf Dinner
Mexican LaZonya
Kickin' Chicken with Fries
Delicate Baked Fish
Chicken and Vegetables in Foil
Simple Baked Chicken and Rice
Chicken and Bean Enchiladas
Creamy Chicken Enchiladas
Spanish Red Beans and Rice
Jack in the Pumpkin
Spinach Veal Roll
Chili Cornbread Pie

Pasta Tips

But isn’t pasta fattening?
When is pasta NOT good for you?
True or False
Great ideas for first-time whole-wheat pasta users
Selecting a Healthy Spaghetti Sauce
Is fat an issue in spaghetti sauce?
What is tamari?
What’s it like being married to a nutritionist?

Stir Fry Recipes

The Easiest Stir Fry Ever!
Sweet and Sour Stir Fry
Easy Pepper Steak Stir Fry
Saucy Almond Chicken Stir Fry
"Unfried" Rice Dinner

Soups Tips

Weight-loss tip: Eat negative-calorie foods
Have a cold?
Make exercise your middle name
Fat-reducing trick for ground beef. Rinse that fat away!
New tastes take ELEVEN times!
Popcorn Facts - True or False?
Trade white pasta for whole-grain pasta
Final Tip

Salads and Sides Recipes

Where's the Lettuce? Salad
Marinated Vegetable Salad
Sunshine Carrot Raisin Salad
Crunch Apple Salad
Veggie Pasta Salad
Broccoli Salad with Dried Cherries
Cranberry Salad
Potato Salad
5 Bean Salad
Creamy Tuna Twist
Pasta Slaw
Oven Fries
Cinnamon Butternut Squash
Whole Wheat Garlic Cheese Toast

Sweet Treats Tips

Do you suffer from sweet cravings?
A tasty whole-grain secret
Choose Bread OR Dessert
An argument FOR desserts
How much dessert is TOO much?
Who has time to bake anymore?
Cholesterol-lowering tip
Chocoholics unite!
Chocolate facts: Did you know?
Banana buying and ripening tips
What’s moderation?
Halloween Survival Tips for KIDS
Halloween Survival Tips for ADULTS
Halloween Survival: “Boo”tiful Alternatives to Candy
Flaming tips
Master the FATS of Life
Tips on sugar
True or False?

Breakfast Tips

Coffee: Morning Hydration Alert
The Vegetarian Omelette: Friend or Foe?
If I eat breakfast, I’m hungry again mid-morning, again at lunch, and I seem to eat all day long...
Don’t have time for breakfast?
Freezing Bananas
Why go to the effort to make Homemade Turkey Sausage?
But I’m never hungry in the morning! The mere thought of food makes me nauseous...
Tame Your Sweet Tooth
Favorite Exercise Videos
Add a Pinch of Protein in the Morning
This sleepy head’s goof-proof method for getting up early to exercise:
Final Tip

1 Minute Mini Meals Recipes

Quick Nachos
Quick Quesadilla
Cheese Pita Pizza
Zonya's Stress Reliever: Beans and Popcorn
Beans and Crackers
Fiesta Bean Burrito
Snappy Sandwich Roll
Yogurt and Grape Nuts
English Muffin Melt
Cottage Cheese and Fruit
Applesauce and Cottage Cheese
Easy Cheesy Tomatoes
Pepper Strips and Cottage Cheese
Pita Wedges and Veggies Dipped in Hummus
Sardines and Crackers
Garden Lentil Salad and Crackers
Mediterranean Lavash Roll Up
Turkey Rolls with Potato Chips
Quick Chicken Sandwich
Baked Tortilla Chips and Spicy Pintos
Simple Salad Supper
String Cheese Standby
Salmon Pita Sandwich
Tuna Cracker Sandwiches
Tuna Rice and Veggie Salad
Hard Boiled Egg with Crackers
Tuna in a Pita
Peanut Butter Rice Cake
Corny Chicken Salad
Quick 2 Bean Salad
Black Bean and Corn Salad

5 Minute Meals Tips

What is fiber and where do you find it?
Why is fiber so important?
How much fiber do you need?
How can you get 20-30 grams of fiber each day?
Why buy lavash?
Go Mediterranean!
Cholesterol-lowering tip
What IS tofu?
What do you think is the secret to your youthfulness?

30 Minute Meals Recipes

Curried Chickpeas and Gingered Black Beans
Skillet Chicken and Vegetables in Wine
Chicken or Salmon Marsala
Hungarian Chicken Paprikash
Easy Succotash Dinner
Broiled Orange Roughy
Salmon Burgers
Unstuffed Peppers
Tofu Fiesta
Grilled Beef or Chicken Teriyaki

Oven, Exercise, Eat Tips

Keeping the “Exercise” in Oven • Exercise • Eat
Exercising Consistently: Here’s How to Make Your Good Intentions Come True!
Don’t let the weather control your workout.
Want to create some fun and support between you and your spouse?
Why aren’t you lifting weights?
The benefits of lifting weights are endless!
Be sure to stretch! It only takes a minute!
Calories burned during exercise
How is it that people who can never find time to exercise can always find time to eat?
Nature’s Popsicle: Frozen Grapes
Is your headache a sign of mild dehydration?
Still wondering which exercise video to buy?
Do house guests cramp your exercise routine?
Arriving home starved: What to do
EXERCISE: A new way to get your quota
Give foods a fun and tasty name
Prepare for a lazy day tomorrow by building your own “Energy Bank” today
When is the best time of day to exercise?
Final Tip

Pizza Recipes

Pita Pizza
Garden Vegetable Pizza
Hot and Spicy Pizza with Sausage
Chicken Chutney Pizza
Southwest Chicken Pizza
Polynesian Pizza
Shrimp Pizza

Stir Fry Tips

Make healthy eating a habit
Isn’t 800 mg of sodium too much???
Create a support system
Dining out tips for a Chinese restaurant
Master your emotional well being
Final Tip

Slow Cooking Recipes

Turkey Vegetable Stew
Tortellini Stew
Mexican 5 Bean Soup
Split Pea Soup
Beef Barley Soup
Gypsy Stew
Crock Pot Fajitas
Mexican Black Beans
Beef Stroganoff over Noodles
Cranberry Pork Roast over Noodles
Chicken Cacciatore
Sweet and Sour Chicken

Salads and Sides Tips

The Leafy Facts
Fruits & Vegetables: Zonya’s favorite way to get 10 to 11 a day
What color is on your plate?
Pineapple juice works like lemon juice
5-a-day (at least!) for better health: More Matters!
Eat a fruit or vegetable at EVERY meal and snack
Hunger versus thirst
Which picnic would your heart rather have?
Beans: Flavorful cholesterol sponges
Attention, ladies: Exercise helps prevent breast cancer
The wonder of cruciferous vegetables
Eat the skin on your potato because it’s good for you … Or is it?
To serve bread or not to serve bread . . . that is the question!
Margarine vs. butter, the slippery debate
Final Tip

Grocery List

Fresh Fruit
Fresh Veggie
Miscellaneous Produce
Dried Fruit
Dried Beans and Grains
Canned Fruit
Canned Vegetables and Beans
Canned Sauces
Canned Meat
Cooking Oils
Baking Supplies
Peanut Butter and Nuts
Spices, Dried Herbs and Flavorings
Ethnic Foods
Bread Products
Eggs and Dairy
Convenience Meats and Seafood
Poultry, Beef, and Pork
Alcohol for Cooking
Frozen Veggies
Frozen or Bottled Juices
Frozen Fruit
Frozen Miscellaneous