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Volume III
August 23, 2013

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Empanadas with homemade tortillas

By Sydney Hill

These are good, and they are made even better because they use those homemade tortillas. Like I said in that article, homemade tortillas just can't be beat. Unless, of course, you add some fruit to the middle and fry 'em a bit. Another dessert to die for coming right up!

Homemade Empanadas

Serving size: 20
Calories per serving: 0

Homemade Tortillas
1 can pie filling
vegetable oil (amount depends on largeness of skillet)
powdered sugar to taste

After you've opened the can of pie filling, use your knife to cut the pie filing into smaller chunks while it is still in the can. Fill half the uncooked tortilla with about 3 Tbsp. of filling. Make sure there is no filling on the edges or it won't seal. (and you'll have messy empanadas). Moisten the edges of the tortillas with water. Fold over and seal the edges with a fork. Meanwhile heat 1 inch of vegetable oil in an electric skillet to 375 degrees. Fry empanadas on both sides. Drain on paper bowl. Dust with powdered sugar.

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Sydney Hill
Weekly Newsletter Contributer since 2012

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