Keeping Avocados Green!

I LOVE AVOCADOS! The flavor is fantastic, plus great nutritional benefits. They go well with breakfast, tossed in salads, or made into guacamole. So good!

Finding one at the perfect ripeness is hard, but when you do it is so delicious!

BUT! They don’t stay green! Once you cut into them, time starts ticking until they go brown and nasty. Here’s a couple hints on keeping them green!

Acid juices work wonders! If you are only using half an avocado, brush the open surfaces with a light layer of lime or lemon juice. That should help keep it looking pretty for a little while. If you mash the avocado, mix in the juice as you mash it.

Second tip- keep it air tight. Put the mashed avocado inside a container with a super tight lid. Put the half avocado leftover in a baggie. The less air that has access to the avocado, the less brown you will get.

Finally, if you do get a brown layer, often you can skim it off and get to the good stuff underneath. Enjoy!


    Brenda Lower
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