Monster Doughnuts

I was in charge of the treats for my daughter’s kindergarten Halloween party last year. I wanted to do something easy and something that was somewhat breakfast-related since the party was in the morning. I came across this idea for monster donuts on Pinterest and it’s now my go-to Halloween party food. All you need is round glaze doughnuts, fake vampire teeth, and chocolate chips.

Monster Doughnuts

12 round glaze doughnuts

12 fake vampire teeth

24 chocolate chips


Squeeze the fake vampire teeth shut and place them in the hole of the donut. Insert the two chocolate chips on the top of the doughnut for eyes. You are done!!

How easy is that?! If you are in the mood for more creativity, you can experiment with different colors and kinds of donuts, different eyes, different teeth, or add more details. Or why not make a Cookie Monster doughnut? They are all so cute!


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