Party Idea: A Talent and a Treat

Do you want to host a holiday party but need a catchy name? I’ve hosted a “Talent and Treat” party for 2 consecutive years and it is so fun! Guests come with a savory or sweet treat to share, which takes some pressure off of you! And they bring the entertainment too! So basically, it’s the easiest party to host, and even throw together at the last minute.

In the past I’ve invited 4 other families, which fills our small space right up! I just pull together a bit of décor for the food table, because the rest of the house is already decorated for Christmas. Easy! I like to serve a hot drink and a treat of my own to get the party started. A few easy appetizer ideas could be little smokies (always a party hit!) artichoke dip, bruschetta or stuffed mushrooms, Christmas cookies or another festive sugary snack! Hot Chocolate or Spiced Cider are both good options for a warm drink to make the evening cozy. Don’t forget to provide cups, stirring spoons, forks, little plates and napkins.

Party TO DO List:

  • Send invites at least 1 week in advance (to give them time to prepare a talent!)

  • Buy and set out: Forks, spoons, cups, plates and napkins

  • Create a tablescape for the treats!

  • Prepare a talent(s) of your own

Once your doorbell rings with the first guests, it’s time to relax and have fun! Nobody likes a stressed host! Greet them and start eating if you wish, while chatting and relaxing. If you’d like the food table to look fancy, have some pretty dishes ready to transfer your guests’ food onto, so it’s all uniform.

Then it’s time for the talent show! Some families may have a family talent, or a few numbers from various individuals. Some of my favorites have been a hip hop solo by a child, a family doing actions to the song Rudolph the Red Nosed-Reindeer, a child balancing on her dad’s hands, a family acting out the nativity, a couples dance number, a piano solo… anything goes!


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