Earth Day, April 22

Along with the celebrations of Easter and Passover and other April holidays there is a day we give recognition to the great planet we live on. It is called Earth Day! When you think about this Earth we are pretty blessed and lucky. As you plant your garden this season, think of the miracle of a seed. How it starts as something so tiny and grows into a plant you can consume or enjoy looking at. When you drink a clean glass of water, be conscious of keeping this great planet clean. As you enjoy a campout in the great outdoors, notice the beauty around you. The first Earth Day was celebrated on April 22, 1970 and originated in the US. It became recognized worldwide by 1990. This year, 2015, marks the 45th year that Earth Day has been celebrated.

Traditions YOU can start on Earth Day this year:

Be Farm Fresh : Make a meal that is all farm fresh or local. This not only can teach a family about good health, but also about the importance of helping the planet and how their food is grown. Have fun planting seedlings for your garden and teach your kids gardening skills. It may still be too cold this time of year, but you can start your seeds indoors and transfer them outdoors once the weather warms up.

Let's go Fly a Kite : Get outdoors and soar a kite into that colorful sky with only the force of nature powering it. A centuries-old activity, kite flying, can be enjoyed at any age - with a little wind, of course! We don't usually think much about the wind and climate on any given day, so flying a kite gives a different perspective on the weather system that surrounds our planet. What a thrill to see your kite soaring! And while you are out, bring along a picnic to enjoy on a hillside.

Take a Hike : Locate a nature trail, a campsite, or a bike trail and head out for an earthy adventure. These are great activities that provide good exercise and hands-on experience with the natural world. Maybe take the time to plan out monthly or weekly hikes for the entire year on Earth Day. While out on your adventure have fun learning about new plants, birds or rock formations around you. Pack some homemade granola bars or cook around a campfire to enhance the experience!

Watch an Earthy Show : Who doesn't love to just sit around and watch a movie! There are so many great films that teach about the planet or about conservation. Pop some popcorn and snuggle up and watch: Planet Earth, Walle, The Lorax, Blue Planet, March of the Penguins or any other film you can think of.

Make an Earth Cake : This year bake a cake in the shape of the earth! All you need is a Pyrex bowl and voila, you can make an earth cake. Just bake two separate cakes in Pyrex bowls then put the two half circles together to form a globe. This could be a fun tradition and when you frost the planet, it is a great way to practice your geography. I had a blast looking at a map and trying to create the continents out of frosting! Before you put the earth together it might be fun to hide a little something inside that will spill out as you cut into the cake. Examples are: heart sprinkles, gummy worms, rock candy, etc.

So, don't forget Earth Day this year. We are pretty lucky to have this great planet Earth. Can you think of other ways to celebrate Earth Day? Share them with us in the comments below.

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