Recipe for Inspiration

Adapting to Change
Yes You Can Eat That
Creative Cooking with Herbs and Spices
Edible Flowers-A Bouquet of Flavors
Wild Greens and Roots
Spice It Up

Beans and Soyfoods

Cooking Beans
Preparing Dried Beans
Aduki and Anasazi Beans
Black Beans
Kidney Beans
Lentils and Lima Beans
Navy Beans
Pinto Beans
Soybeans and Split Peas
Tempeh and Tofu

Sea Vegetables

Agar-Agar, Alaria, and Arame
Kelp and Kombu
Sea Palm


Barley Malt Syrup
Date Sugar
Maple Sugar, Maple Syrup, and Mirin
Rice Syrup

Food Preparation and Cooking Methods

Let's Get Started!

Sauces, Dips, and Dressings

Go Wild with Sauces, Dips, and Dressings Mix and Match
Tomatillo and Lime Dressing
Asian Cilantro Dressing
Zesty Parsely and Scallion Dressing
Sweet Basil Vinaigrette
Orange-Raspberry Vinaigrette
Asian Gigner-Orange Dressing
Parsley and Garlic Scape Dressing
Strawberry Sauce
Sweet-and-Sour Dipping Sauce
Cinnamon Vanilla Applesauce
Cranberry-Orange Sauce
Blackberry-Pear Sauce
Mustard Sauce with Maple Syrup and Miso
Sensational Seasoning Blend
Tomato Sauce with Lobster Mushrooms
Sunflower Seed and Mushroom Pate with Oregano and Sage
Cilantro-Olive Spread
Roasted Red Pepper and Feta Cheese Dip
Tomatillo Salsa
Creamy Curry Dip

Super Sides

Go Wild with Side Dishes Mix and Match
Carrots with Wild Mushrooms and Basil
Community Supported Agriculture
Moroccan-Style Carrots and Yams
Orange-Scented Yams with Chestnuts
Wild Mushroom Stew with Tomatoes and Capers
Hunting for Mushrooms in the Wild
Green Beans in Garlic Sauce with Cashews
Bok Choy and Mushroom Stir-Fry
Butternut Squash Puree with Sun-Dried Tomatoes and Sage
Mushroom Festival
Lemon-Roasted Beets, Brussles Sprouts, and Yams
Butternut Squash with Indian Spices
Millet with Cilantro and Red Peppers
Racy Rice Pilaf
Roasted Vegetables Bombay
Sea Palm with Red Peppers and Lime
Sea Palm Stir Fry
Spicy Tempeh Strips
Spicy Jamaican Beans
Refried Beans with Tomatillos
Kasha with Leeks and Collards
Pasta with Fresh Garlic and Basil

Just Desserts

Go Wild with Desserts
Hot Fudge
Dark Chocolate Cake
Banana-Chocolate Chip Cake
Shortbread Cake
Maple Cranberry Pecan Cake
Orange Ginger Cake
Raspberry Almond Fruit Crisp
Cranberry-Pecan Crisp
Blueberry Crumb Pie
Apple-Blackberry Crumb Pie
Vegan Chocolate Mousse Pie
Lemon Tart
Pumpkin-Pecan Pie
Pumpkin-Date Pie
Ginger Lover's Cookies
Honey Ginger Cookies
Peanut-Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies
Mocha Chocolate Chunk Cookies
Strawberry Cashew Cream


Glossary of Ingredients


Black Trumpet, Blewitt, and Bluefoot
Chanterelle and Crimini
Maitake, Matsutake, Morel, and Mousseron
Porcini and Portabella
White Button and Wood Ears

Cooking Oils


Morning Bliss

Going Wild for Breakfast Mix and Match Chart
Raspberry Almond Smoothie
Cranberry-Banana Smoothie
Vanilla-Scented Bulgur with Dried Cherries and Toasted Walnuts
Coconut Pecan Granola
Super Breakfast Porridge
Porridge with Coconut and Dates
Goat Cheese Omelet with Chanterelle Mushrooms and Ramps
Scrambled Tofu with Garlic Scapes
Scrambled Tofu with Tomatoes and Fresh Basil
Berry Good Waffles
Applesauce Pancakes
Teff Banana Pancakes
Banana-Blueberry Pancakes
Cranberry Scones
Lemon Poppy Seed Cake
Blueberry Muffin Cake
Blueberry Cornbread

Flavored Oils and Vinegars

Flavored Vinegars
Flavored Vinegar-Making "Basics"
For the Best Results...
Shiitake Vinegar
Ginger Rice Vinegar
Nettles Vinegar
Pine Needle Vinegar
Cherry Vinegar
A Splash of Color
Orange-Pear Vinegar
Orange-Pear Vinegar with Nettles and Ginger
Strawberry-Vanilla Vinegar
Taste of Spring
Go Wild with Vinegars and Oils Mix and Match
Flavored Oils
For the Best Results (Oils)
Giving the Gift of Flavored Oils and Vinegars
Garlic Flower Oil
Basil Oil
Basil-Cilantro-Lemon Oil
Fennel-Calendula Oil
Garlic Basil Oil
Mushroom Orange Oil
Hot Pepper Oil
Tarragon and Thyme Oil
Lemon-Mint Oil

Ancient Wisdom, Ancient Grains

Go Wild with Grains Mix and Match
Quinoa with Corn, Cinnamon, and Almonds
Chinese Black Rice with Coconut Milk and Garlic
Quinoa with Wine, Tomatoes, and Mousseron Mushrooms
Shiitake Mushrooms, Summer Squash, and Quinoa Pilaf
Roasted Wild Mushrooms and Quinoa
Spicy Pumpkin-Seed Quinoa
Quinoa with Cauliflower and Feta
Teff Polenta
Ethiopian Grain Loaf
Cooking with Ancient Grains
Tempeh with Dried Cherry Tomatoes and Teff
Spring Teff Loaf
Kamut Berries with Fennel and Red Peppers
Basmati Rice Pilaf with Spely and Red Wine
Spelt Spaghetti with Dairy-Free Pesto
Asian Vegetable Stir-Fry with Bhutanese Red Rice
Spelt Loaf with Almonds and Sunflower Seeds
Spicy Sorghum with Peas and Orange Zest




Barley, Basmati Rice, Bhutanese Red Rice
Brown Rice, Buckwheat Grouts (Kasha), Bulgur Wheat
Carnaroli Rice, Chinese "Forbidden" Black Rice
Cooking Grains Chart
Flavor Adjusting
Oats, Rolled (Oatmeal)
Sorghum (Milo), Spelt (Farro)


Bok Choy and Burdock
Chinese Cabbage and Collards
Mache, Mizuna, and Mustard Greens
Tat Soi


Other Ingredients

Bragg Liquid Aminos
Capers, and Chestnuts-Dried
Nut Butters
Tahini and Tamari,
Umeboshi Paste

Loving Spoonfuls

Go Wild with Soups Mix and Match
More Soup Ideas
Creamy Asparagus Soup
Asparagus Soup with Fresh Fennel
Curried Potato Soup
First Things First
Ginger Carrot Soup
Vegetable Soup with Quinoa and Cilantro
Spicy Tomato Quinoa Soup
Basmati Rice Soup with French Herbs
Multiple Mushroom and Barley Soup with Wine
About Bean Soups
"Souper" Time Savers
Curried Lentil Soup with Coconut Milk
Moroccan Lentil Soup with Saffron
Great Garnishes
Tomato Lentil Soup with Red Wine
Curried Split Pea Soup with Chard
Golden Split Pea Soup
Mexican Bean Soup with Tomatillos
Black Bean Soup with Sun Dried Tomatoes
Minestrone with Oyster Mushrooms, Nettles, and Calendula Flowers
Spicy North African Vegetable Soup with Chickpeas
Portabella Mushroom Soup
Garlicky Potato Soup with Fresh Nettles
Creamy Wild Leek and Potato Soup

Salads and "Wraps"

Go Wild with Salads and "Wraps" Mix and Match
Corn Salad with Strawberries, Chevre, and Raspberry Vinaigrette
Feta Cheese Salad
White Bean Salad with Fresh Fennel and Capers
Japanese Sea Vegetable and Noodle Salad
Quinoa Tabouli
Crisp Cababge Salad with Watercress and Caraway Seeds
More Creative Salad Ideas
Marinated Sun-Dried Tomatoes with Calendula Flowers
Feta Cheese Salad with Kamut Pasta
Marinated Red Peppers with Lemon and Garlic
Seitan Quesadillas
Cabbage, Scallion, and Cilantro Egg Rolls
Baked Ginger-Arame Rolls
Potato-Olive Knishes
Curried Vegetable Knishes with Chickpeas
Melted Goat Cheese Sandwich with Arugula and Sun Dried Tomatoes
Ginger Tempeh Sushi

Main Attractions

Go Wild with Main Courses
Lasagna with Chevre, Arugula, and Crimini Mushrooms
Pasta with Roasted Vegetables and Chevre
Moroccan Black Bean Stew
Curried Coconut Seitan
Roasted Eggplant with Wine and Morel Mushrooms
Goat Cheese Mushroom Strudel
Hiziki with Shiitake Mushrooms and Butternut Squash
Black Bean Chili with Sun-Dried Tomatoes
Tempeh Stew with Wine and Shiitake Mushrooms
Szechwan Tofu with Mustard Greens and Chinese Cabbage
Roasted Eggplant and Tomatoes with Chickpeas
Soba with Stir-Fried Asparagus and Snow Peas
Linguine a la Sweet Putanesca
Lentil Stew with Saffron and Porcini Mushrooms
Tempeh with Marinated Sun-Dried Tomatoes and Kale
Sweet and Spicy Udon Noodles with Tofu
Butternut Squash Risotto with Shiitake Mushrooms and Wine
Italian Lentil Stew with Cream Grano