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5 Day Meal Plan

    Leslie Tonks
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DoveTailing Tips

Toast an additional 1 cup of pecan to use in meal 3 Broccoli Apple Salad instead of the walnuts.

Double this recipe to make an additional loaf to use day 2, instead of baking the Honey Wheat Bread.

DoveTailing Tips

Instead of baking Bread today, save this wonderful recipe and use the extra loaf you made on day 1.

Double this recipe to make an additional 4 cups of mashed potatoes for Day 4 Shepherd's Pie.

DoveTailing Tips

Defrost and trim an additional pound of chicken breasts for day 5, Crockpot Corn and Chicken Chowder.

Use the prepared toasted pecans from day 1 instead of walnuts.

DoveTailing Tips

Use the additional prepared mashed potatoes from day 2.

DoveTailing Tips

Use the trimmed and defrosted chicken from day 3.

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