Serves: 5



Hi Kerry,

The recipes will simply call for "sugar." You get to decide what kind of sugar you will use (cane, beet, agave, honey, or other alternatives). I loved this run down on Sugar Myths by the Center for Consumer Freedom. The following comes from their website: I found their article to be very well written and researched.

There's little perceptible difference between sugar from sugar beets and sugar from sugar cane. Sugar cane generally tolerates warmer climates better than sugar beets, and the extraction of sugar is a different process in each. Sugar cane has a longer production process in which it is crushed and treated with a liquid before the sugary syrup is separated in a centrifuge. Beets are sliced, and then the sugar is extracted in a hot water diffuser before being refined.

The end result for the human body is the same either way. Sugar is sugar. Whether it comes from cane, beets, or corn, your body will digest it the same way.

Hope this helps,

Desiri Wightman, R.D.

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