Four Pasta Tips for Home Cooks

  1. Save your pasta water, and pay attention to saltiness! Pasta releases starch into the water during the cooking process. So if you save that salty, starchy water and add it to your dish at the end, it will help bind the pasta and sauce mixture together.

  2. Leave a wooden spoon in the pot. Just set your wooden stir spoon in the water against the edge of the pot to prevent the water from boiling over! I have also found that with my spoon at the ready, I’m more likely to continue stirring throughout, which prevents gummy pasta!

  3. Don’t add your pasta to the water too soon. When you’re ready to eat and hurrying to make a quick pasta meal, it’s easy to get over eager and dump your pasta in before the water is really boiling. If you jump the gun by adding your pasta before the water is hot enough, your pasta will get gummy and sticky. It is worth waiting for a rapid boil!

  4. Remember to garnish your pasta. It’s not just for show. While a garnish makes a dish look finished, this final touch to a plate of pasta can be the key ingredient that “makes” the dish. A splash of lemon juice for acid, toasted breadcrumbs for some crunch, herbs for an aromatic touch, or even just salt and pepper for a final punch!


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