Doughnuts Around the World

Hi Cook'n,

There is nothing more universal than fried dough covered in sugar. Do you have a name and/or picture of how different countries do their ‘donut’?



Hi Darcy,

Your question was a fun one to research for you. The world is so similar and so different at the same time. Fried dough is a universal delight, and can be found in all kinds of shapes and flavors — from round and thick and filled with just about anything, to stick-shaped or thin and flat. The style of preparation also differs depending on the region, and while all donuts are fried (or it wouldn’t be a donut, right?), some are cooked in oil while others are simmered in ghee. Enjoy the names of the country and their version of the donut in the pictures below:

Italy – Zeppole

Brazil – Bolinho do chuva

Mongolia – Boortsog

India – Jalebi

Sweden – Rosettes

China – Shuangbaotai

Germany – Schneeballen

Greece – Loukoumandes

Mexico – Bunelos

Norway – Smultring


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