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Volume III
June, 2012

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5 Sandwich Sabotaging Myths

By Calli Rhoades

The options available when building your masterpiece sandwich and endless and provide everything very healthy meals, to down right naughty ones. From meat to cheese to vegetables and back again to dressings, it can be overwhelming to say the least and sometimes just downright confusing. How do you know which choices are really the healthiest?

Here are 5 myths that might be sabotaging your healthy sandwiches!

MYTH 1 - Wraps are always the healthier choice. Don't fall for the wrap trick! Wraps are great. They are delicious and if that's the flavor you are going for, enjoy it, but don't fall for the claim that wraps are always more healthy than bread. Just like anything else, you have to pay attention to the packet and be aware of the differences. Honestly, some wraps are healthier than some bread, and some pitas are more healthy than some tortillas. The idea that tortillas are always the better option, is just not true. Do your homework, compare items, consider your tastes, and make the decision from there.

MYTH 2 - Sandwiches aren't for people watching their carb intake. This is absolutely not true! There are lots of great options, from "light" breads and thin sliced bread to whole wheat. Depending on your needs and your preferences, you will want to read labels and compare to find the best match. If you really don't want to eat bread, pitas, or wraps you can still enjoy sandwiches! Try wrapping your favorite sandwich fixings in lettuce leaves and enjoy a healthy, low-carb lettuce wrap!

MYTH 3 - Sandwich meat is all about the same. False! Beyond the different types of meats there is huge variance between brands and types of meat. Whether you are buying it at the deli counter or pre-packaged you want to be knowledgeable and make wise choices. Pay close attention to fat content, but don't forget to watch for sodium as well. A lot of "low fat" foods make up for that flavor by cranking up the sodium. Just pay attention to the entire label.

MYTH 4 - The veggies are the extras. Most of us think a good sandwich stars the bread, the meat, and maybe some cheese. Not so! Some fantastically flavor-filled sandwiches don't have any meat at all. If vegetarian isn't your style, go ahead and have a little meat and then pile on the veggies. There are so many choices and wonderful flavor combinations out there. Nobody needs half a pound of meat between two buns. Scale back that meat and dress it up with colorful, delicious, and fresh veggies.

MYTH 5 - Dressing and condiments don't make that much difference. Oh, I am so guilty here! I always think, "It's such a small amount, it won't matter what I put on". Things like mayo and ranch dressing are usually packing a hefty serving of fat so they can actually make quite a difference on your sandwich. Watch for healthier options and try new condiments such as hummus, guacamole, or pesto to bring flavor and moisture to your sandwich. If you want to use the classic options of mayo, mustard, ketchup, or ranch just be mindful and pay attention to "light" options and even olive oil versions now available.

Sandwiches are delicious, convenient, simple, and refreshing and they play a big part in most of our summer menus. With a little knowledge and diligence we can all fill our picnic baskets with healthy and happy food that will bring a smile to all who indulge! And, shhh, we won't even tell your family how healthy they are!

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