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Volume III
June, 2012

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Rinsing Poll

To Rinse or not to Rinse?

Rinse 53%
Don't Rinse! 47%


Don't rinse unless you're on a septic system or you don't have a quality dishwasher or the dish has some particularly hard to get off crud

Most newer dishwashers specifically instruct not to rinse.

I rinse unless I will be starting washer soon.

I rinse because I do not want all that stuff that is on the plates to get into my dishwasher

I put a coffee cup right side up in the top right corner of the top rack. If the cup is full of water, dishes are clean. If it's empty dishes are dirty.

When you rinse the soap has nothing to adhear to; according to manufacturer

I rinse only the dried on or egg, cheese.

Some dishes do need a rinse, but why not use the rinse cycle to do that? It would depend on the make of dishwasher that one has because ours does it's own rinse before washing.. If we use the santitize cycle, the dishes are sanitized anyway . .We have taught everyone to rinse their dish IF it has egg or potato stuck to it.

What do the experts say?

okay not to rinse if washing dishes immediately

It it absolutely silly to rinse the dishes before putting them in a dishwasher. That is what the machine is for. Dishwasher soap dissolves food particles. Reminds me of people to call for housecleaning services and the set about cleaning the house before the pros get there

I don't run the dishwasher every day

I've discovered that I need to rince if we've had rice or noodles etc, things that just spread in the wash cycle (then get dried onto everything). But most often I only "scrape" and not rince.

I run my dishwasher every 2-3 days. I rinse or else the food would be dried on the dishes

If you don't pre-rinse, all that stuck on food, etc can cause problems down the road as it collects and clogs your dishwasher workings and plumbing.

always rinse

Um, that was when the kids loaded it, lol

After having the "repair" man out twice for d/w not cleaning, he told me they aren't REALLY made to be that good, even so-called pot scrubbers. The food traps clog and don't drain well, and then you end up with dirty dishes

If you can't tell the difference in the end, why bother with extra work?

I do not TRUST the dishwasher!

The filter in the dishwasher will get clogged up if you don't get the junk off of you dishes before you wash them. If yours has not "yet", it will.

I don't use the DW to rinse, I just pre-rinse them in the sink.

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