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Volume III
July, 2012

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Mayo and Salad Dressing in the 1920's

I'm 88 years old so I remember the real days when all we had was an ice box. A ice box was just that, not a fridge. Each morning you would buy a piece of ice from the ice man and he would cut a chunk of ice just the right size to fit your ice box. That would last about one day, if you kept the door closed most of the time. Never take a long time to take something out of the ice box. You always put the ice box as far away from the kitchen oil stove as you could.

During the hot summers, mayo would spoil faster than salad dressing, by far. I believe that is where the mayo/ salad dressing stories started. Oh yes, in the cold winter days you would put them both out on the window sill, if you lived on the second floor. We found there were things on the outside that loved both of them just as much as we did.

Ed Calkins

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