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Volume III
April, 2012

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How Those Taste Buds Workin' For Ya?

By Jeanne Wolfley

I've been asking myself a lot lately, why some people are picky eaters while other people will eat just about anything. And, why is it that my child who was the pickiest eater ever decided he could enjoy just about any food from any culture? These are both great questions. I have my opinion but nothing scientific to back up what I think the answers are. What I do know from experience is that our taste buds can change.

Americans have become accustomed to eating a lot of sugar and processed foods. I don't know why we get addicted to processed foods. I am not sure if the problem is in our mind or our taste buds, but sugary, salty and fatty foods are addictive for many people. Ever crave a potato chip? Was it that commercial you just watched or is it your body telling you sodium please! Well, slap me silly on both sides and call me a pancake! I don't know why, but I do know that our mind and our taste buds are the best of friends and the worst of enemies.

In my younger years, I spent two weeks in the hospital and didn't have any food during most of that time. When they gave me some ice cream it tasted like lard. Chocolate tasted horrible (and this is from a professed chocoholic). Another time I decided to go one year without any sugar. I lost weight, I felt great, plus I was profoundly proud of myself.

Like so many of you, I am trying to healthify my diet. I know that it takes a lot of desire, will power and stick-to-it-ness! Some experts say it takes about 3 weeks of sticking to a sugar free and reduced salt diet to change your taste buds. That means being on your guard all the time and that's not easy!

So, what is the answer to eating better and learning to like foods that are good for you? We have to redefine our eating habits, reset our taste buds and use some determination. It has been my experience that changing your desire and taste for healthier food can happen. It can even be an exciting journey as we learn more about nutrition and search out recipes that have healthy alternatives and still taste delicious.

As you come across healthier recipes, you might want to think about creating a "Healthy" section in your Cook'n software. Having your own cookbook of tried and true healthy recipes sounds like the ticket to me.

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