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Volume III
April, 2012

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Gas or Charcoal Poll

It's finally the season for one of my favorite all-american summer traditions... the barbecue! I'm particularly excited this season because, for those who know me, every summer since we've been married (almost 9 years this month!) we've packed up our little family and moved to some location around the US. Because of this we've never purchased our own barbecue. But here's the exciting news... we're staying home this year!

I'm thrilled to kick back on our new patio set and let the carnivore within me drool as the smell of all that delicious grub is grilling... sorry vegetarians - grilled veggies are also very delectable!

So, for the question of the month. Which type of barbecue should we get? The convenient gas or the tasty charcoal? Cast your vote and share you opinions, ready... go!


What is better? Gas or Charcoal grill?

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