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Volume III
July, 2011

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Tropical Fruit Poll Results

What is Your Favorite Tropical Fruit?

Pineapple 36%
Banana 28%
Papaya 3%
Mango 22%
Coconut 8%
Tangerine 3%


I love Coconut in cookies pies and even just plain.

I would havae voted pineapple but if I eat more than a slice of fresh my mouth blisters from the bromelain and I just love pineapple

I served a mission for my church in the Dominican Republic and learned to LOVE the huge, sweet, fresh Mangos there. Definitely my favorite! -Dan

Ooooh Holly! That would be so terrible to be allergic to Pineapple and living in Hawaii! Well, there is always the good ole' Mango, my first love!

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