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Volume III
December, 2010

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Artisan Bread

Hi Jeanne - I made your Artisan Bread. It tastes great - but... I don't think it rose as high as it should have. I used active dry yeast ( as I happened to have that in the fridge). Do you think that could be the problem?

Also the texture is quite spongy looking - I'm not sure if that is the way it is supposed to look. When I transferred the dough to the 'screamin' hot pot, I didn't think mine looked as firm as yours did - it was quite sloppy and didn't have any shape.

I followed your recipe and watched your video, so I don't know where else I could have went wrong. Maybe I need to adjust something? Thanks for the great site. I just discovered it and am looking forward to trying new recipes.

Thanks again,



Using dry active yeast is fine as long as it is not old. I have been told that some flours have more protein in them than others. Some people think that might make a difference.

I think I would try adding just a bit more flour. Try 1/8 cup and if that doesn’t work add a bit more. I am not sure if altitude can make a difference.

Keep trying and soon you will have the recipe just perfect. I would check to make sure my yeast was not old and then try another brand of flour. Let me know how your bread turns out. Wish I was there to help you. Thanks for writing in and for your interest in the Artisan No-Knead Bread.

My Best,


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