Apple Crepes
Apple Crepes with Hot Cranberry Syrup
Apple-Filled Crepes with Carmel Sauce
Appricot Crepes
Banana Chocolate Crepe Filling
Banana Pecan Crepes
Cherry-Pineapple Crepe
Chocolate Flavored Crepes ~ Blender Method
Chocolate Mousse Crepes
Coconut Crepes
Coffee Ice Cream Crepes
Cottage Cheese Filling
Crepe Souffle
Crepes Melba
Crepes Suzette
Danish Style Crepes
Fruit and Yogurt Crepes
Grandma's Breakfast Crepes
Italian Dessert Crepes
Lemon Crepes Suzette
Maple Grapefruit Crepes
Orange Blossom Crepes
Party Chocolate Crepes
Peach Crepes
Peachy Pecan Crepe
Pineapple Rum Crepes
Polish Dessert Crepes
Pudding Crepes
Raspberry Banana Crepes
Strawberry Cream Crepes
Strawberry Crepes Supreme
Strawberry Crepes with Honey Sauce
Strawberry Sauce
Sundae Crepes
Sunshine Crepe


Appetizer Crepes
Beer Batter Crêpes
Cheese Crepes
Crab Crepes with Shrimp Sauce
Crab and Cheese Crepes
Cream Cheese Crepes
Crepe Party Wedge
Crepes Caviar
Crepes Marinara
Crepes With Cottage Cheese
Grilled Sabayon Fruit Crepes
Jalapeno Chicken Crepe
Mexicana Fiesta Crepes
Mushroom Crepes
Peanut Butter Plus
Spinach - Cheese Crepes
Spinach Chevre Crepes
Sweet Crepes
Tuna Manicotti Crepes

Crepe Essential Recipes

1, 2, 3 - Crepes
Basic Buckwheat Crêpes
Basic Dessert Crepes
Crepes A La Franaise
Crepes A La Mode
Crêpe Batter for Dessert - Blender Method
Entree Crepes
Handkerchief Crepes
Low-Fat Honey Crepes
Nutty Crêpes
Paper-Thin Norwegian Pancakes
Paper-Thin Norweigian Crepes
Rye Crepes
Tex-Mex Cornmeal Crepes

Main Dishes

Bacon and Asparagus Crepes with Pineapple Sauce Flambe
Basic Crepe Recipe
Beef Stroganoff Crepes
Beefy Crepe Recipe
Broccoli-Chicken Crepes
Chicken Divan Crepes
Chicken and Ham Crepes
Chicken and Mushroom Crepes
Crepe - Style Manicoti
Crepe Florentine
Crepes A La Brent
Crepes Fitzgerald
Crepes Normande
Crepes Puerto Rico
Crepes with Mexican Filling
Curry Chicken Crepes
Duck Crepes
Florentine Crepes Cordon Bleu
Hungarian Crepes
Lobster Newburg Crepes
Manicotti made with Crepe
Markov's Ham Crepes
Meat & Spinach Crepes
Meat Crepes
Mexican Chicken Crepes: Mesa Crepes
Royal Crepes
Salmon Crepes
Stroganoff Crepes
Taco Crepe
Tetrazzini Crepe
Tuna Crepes Paprikash


Apple Blossom Crepe
Banana Crepes with Fruit Sauce
Banana Pecan Crepes
Berry Crepes with Ricotta Cheese
Blueberry Blossom Crepes
Blueberry Crepes
Blueberry-Almond Crepes
Buckwheat Crepes with Apple Compote
Chocolate Breakfast Crepes
Creamy Fruit Crepes
Crepe Au Glazed Banana
Delicious Gluten-free Crepes
French Banana Crepes
French Breakfast Crepes
German Filled Breakfast Crepes
Ham & Cheese Crepe
Ham and Egg Crepes
Omelette Crepes
Orange Crepes
Peach Blossom Crepes
Peach Crepe
Ruffled Crepes Isabel
Sausage Crepe Roll-Ups
Sausage Crepes
Yogurt Filled Crepes