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Since so many of us are cooking more meals at home right now more than ever, I wanted to share some of the very best ideas for recipes that are right at your fingertips right this very moment! This is just a friendly reminder that right in your cook’n software on your computer are some amazing cookbooks for you to enjoy within about 2 minutes.

They are the types of cookbooks that are like favorite family recipes submitted by different people across the country, and probably world. You have everything from cookbooks dedicated solely to pies, or one called “101 Things to do With a Toaster Oven.

While I have certainly been leaning a little more towards the comforting, creamy meals, there are plenty for those with specific dietary needs like diabetic cookbooks, low-carb, vegan, and I even got one last night that I can’t wait to dive into called “7 Color Cuisine” that encourages a plate full of all the different colors of the rainbow so you are getting tons of nutritional value from fruits and veggies in every meal. I love that!

If you check your email you might find that you have a credit for a free Cook’n cookbook from Dan Oaks, the CEO and founder of our beloved Cook’n. Here are a few cookbooks from Cook’n that I would recommend for delicious, cozy home cooked meals that are really great while staying safe at home right now.

I really like the Gooseberry Patch collection of cookbooks. There are several that are right along these lines of cozy, easy home cooked meals. These include:

There are also many cookbooks dedicated specifically to the different states. I downloaded the Idaho cookbook called “The Best of the Best From Idaho” and half-expected it to be at least 60% various potato recipes, but it wasn’t like that at all :) There were some really cool dutch oven recipes and plenty of recipes for rugged cowboys. Here was a cute one called “One Pot Bachelor Cookout”. Here is the description: Many a lonely cowpoke in a remote line camp thirty miles from town will appreciate this simple rugged feast. Next time the cow boss comes around, have him bring all the necessary fixin’s. 

I don’t know about you, but that makes me want to go camping in the woods and make this hearty cowboy bachelor meal in the Dutch oven, am I right? 

You should check your emails from Dan Oaks for a free cookbook and try one of these out today! To find a cookbook in your Cook’n software you need to be on your desktop version. Launch Cook'n and click the "Cook'n Store" button on the far right side of the top navigation bar. This will take you to the store and if you have any credits available, all you have to do is click the "Redeem" button under the cookbook that you want to download the cookbook for free! If you do not have credits, you can purchase the cookbook and I think they are a really great price for the quantity and quality of recipes you will get. But, the best value is to sign up for a Premium Membership Plan and you will get a free cookbook credit every month.

What is your favorite Cook’n cookbook that you would recommend? Please share your thoughts in the comments below.


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