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Volume III
July 12, 2013

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Rainforest Cafe Volcano Copycat Recipe

Serves 4

Author: ~jb4~

Prep time:
Calories per serving: 186

4 already made chocolate brownies, cut into 8 inch pieces
12 scoops vanilla ice cream (or more)
1 can whipped cream
3 tablespoons caramel sauces
3 tablespoons hot fudge, warmed and kept warmed

On a chilled large round plate or platter arrange the scoops of ice cream so that they make a pile in the center of the plate. You may use more ice cream or less, up to you. Next, arrange the brownies along the sides of the ice cream so that it looks like a volcano shape. Next, drizzle the top and down the sides with the 2 sauces. Finally, add the whipped cream directly down the center of the volcano and then all over the sides. Drizzle with more sauce and stick a sparkler or streamer in the middle. Make sure you yell VOLCANO when you serve it.

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