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Volume III
May 31, 2013

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5 Irresistible Party Ideas

By Sydney Hill

Graduation is here! Celebrations are near! Parties naturally come along with it all. Fun! But, if you have to plan it, it might also be stressful. I'll try to help you out a little bit with these ideas I found online. Hopefully this will save you some time stressing on what you can do, and you can spend more time with that graduate! Because really, they're the only reason you're having the party. They're far more important than stressing over what to do or what to make. Hopefully this will help you have a festive party and a happy grad.

Graduation Cap Pops
Holy cow these look amazing. Fun and yummy with Reese's and dark chocolate!

Cheesy Diploma
Snack foods with a slice of cheese tied with green onion is simple and scrumptious. Scrolls of cheese, how festive!

Swiss Diploma
This would be even easier than the cheese diploma above. A package of Swiss rolls with ribbon, and you have a fun party snack in minutes!

Diploma Sandwiches
This is more for a main dish. Throw some chicken salad in a tortilla or some pita bread. Or, you can remove the crusts from bread, smash it onto parchment paper, and then roll flat with a rolling pin. Roll up the sandwich and tie for a smashing hit!

Another fun idea that also satisfies belly. I also saw some chocolate cupcakes topped with chocolate grahams that looked amazing.


Sydney Hill
Weekly Newsletter Contributer since 2012

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