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Volume III
May 11, 2013

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Raw or Hard-Boiled?

Sometimes it's hard to tell the difference visually between raw and hard-boiled eggs. Here's two handy ways to determine which is which...

  • Method 1
    1. Lay the egg on its side on a smooth, hard surface, like a cutting board in the kitchen sink.
    2. Spin it with your fingers and thumb.
    3. Stop its rotation with a finger tip, by placing your finger directly down on the rotating egg.
    4. Lift your finger up, immediately.
      • If the egg remains still, it is a hard boiled egg.
      • If the egg continues to slowly rotate, it is uncooked.
  • Method 2
    1. Place your thumb on one end and your middle finger on the other.
    2. Spin the egg using a 'clicking' movement (push thumb forward whilst drawing the middle finger back).
      • If the egg spins fast, then the egg has been hard boiled.
      • If, however, it spins very slowly (or is difficult to spin at all), it's raw.


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