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May 11, 2013

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Get Organized with FREE and PRETTY Pantry Labels!

By Alice Osborne

With all the talk about switching from plastic to glass for kitchen containers, I thought it would be a neat idea to include something I found on one of my all-time favorite websites,

Frugally Sustainable posts a link to a place where we can find pretty labels for our foodstuffs--they're free, we just need to download them. Take a look:

Cupboards and pantries always serve us better if they are well organized and things are labeled. This makes it easy to see what you already have, what you're running low on, what you're completely out of, and what's hanging around that you really aren't going to use after all.

Also, well organized pantries tend to stay cleaner--since there's no chucking and stuffing, you can easily move things or even unload a cupboard or shelf for wiping down. This is a MUST this time of year--weevil are hatching and looking for a home.

And finally, well organized spaces are just pretty. And don't you love opening a cupboard or drawer that's well appointed? You feel good all over--in control. And this motivates you to cook or bake!

Finally, straight from the inspiring blog, strangersandpilgrimsonearth
, comes these reasons for keeping a well-stocked, well-organized, yes and pretty, pantry:

  • Saves Money ~ It is cheaper to purchase in bulk because you are not paying for the fancy packaging, expensive store space and merchandising. You are paying for the actual food itself ('tis a novel concept).
  • Saves on Gas ~ The less often you go to the grocery store, the less money spent on gas (along with wear and tear on your vehicles).
  • Saves You Time ~ The less often you go to the grocery store, the more time you will have to live your life.
  • Facilitates Building a Savings Account ~ Because you are preparing during the good times (right now though it may seem like hard times), you can accumulate your pantry foods during sales. This eases the financial burden allowing you to slowly build up a reserve without overwhelming your budget.
  • It's Convenient ~ When you want to prepare something, a proper pantry will provide what you need to accomplish the job.
  • It's Better To be Prepared than in Panic ~ If a natural disaster strikes, computer malfunctions, severe power outage, act of war occurs, most stores have a limited stock and will be sold out in a few hours. You will be that much more prepared if you have a well stocked pantry.
  • It's Healthier ~ You will be encouraged to cook healthy grains and legumes from scratch because that is what is surrounding you. Without a pantry, you may have the desire to purchase convenience foods or take out (which is packed with preservatives and very expensive).
  • It's Pretty ~ Imagine beautiful jars and canisters full of nourishing food, gleaming in rows. What more practical but pretty decoration can you think of for your kitchen space?
  • It's Fun ~ It is like owning my own general store. I think of our pantry as a homemaking hobby. I love to scout the thrift stores/garage sales for creative glass containers and challenge myself to find the most nourishing food at the best prices.

Most people feel secure in having car insurance, life insurance, homeowner's insurance and a savings account. Think of a well stocked pantry as your source of food insurance. It will never be a waste or loss if properly tended to. It is tangible and everything you prepare can and will be used on a daily basis. Food may never be as affordable as it is today, so I encourage you to create a well stocked, well organized, and even pretty pantry.

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