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Volume III
March 8, 2012

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1 QUICK STEP to Better Kitchen Organization!

By Alice Osborne

In the next week or so, commit to getting more organized in your kitchen. It will save you SO much time and energy when cooking or baking. And when the kitchen is organized, we're inclined to cook and bake more.

The whole idea sounds a little overwhelming, I know. So start with just 1 quick step to better kitchen organization - organize your herbs and spices. Go through them to eliminate everything that's outdated (I've hammered this point before, so I apologize for the tedium). There's no sense in keeping tired, bland herbs and spices - they can be a real nemesis to good cooking and baking.

Then start a list of those you need to replace and post it where you'll see it, so you can grab it the next time you go to the store.

Next, sort your keepers - according to use - those that you bake with go here and those that you cook with go there.

If you have space, here's the next step: Get two turntables (double-tiered if there's room, height-wise). Spices go on one turntable and herbs go on the other turntable.

I've been using plastic turntables (single and double tiered) for years. But I am now upgrading to stainless steel. They're pricy, but they are tough and last forever. Plastic framework tends to wear out and get wobbly. Stainless steel turntables can hold quarts of liquids (vanilla, cooking oil, vinegars, etc.) and still turn smoothly. And that's what you want - a turntable that is sturdy so it will hold up to whatever it has to carry.

Turntables double your organizing capacity. They're attractive enough to use on your table or countertop surfaces, and they also provide easy access in hard-to-reach storage areas such as corner cabinets and under sinks. This model is 6"H x 10 1/2"Diameter; the distance between the bottom shelf and the top is 5 1/2"; its shipping weight is 3 lbs. And it's made in America! So many upsides to this product. The only downside is its price - Amazon sells it for $28.95 (but the shipping is free).

Organize It ( sells this model, which looks just like the one above, for $20.87 plus shipping (which varies, according to where it's shipped). The dimensions seem to be the same. This company is located at 5440 Sunrise Blvd, Citrus Heights, Ca 95610. To contact them, phone 888.627.7778 toll free.

But what about those step-type organizers? Lots of people do use them. And if you have boatloads of space, then OK, they'll do. But I'm not fond of them because of the space they waste (underneath the steps). I think the turntable is the way to go.

And if you have fixed shelves that you can't lower or raise, or other cupboard constraints, you have the option of the single-tiered product instead of the double-tiered. These run around $19, depending on where you shop (see for choices).

So armed with this information, take a look at your herb and spice collection - toss the dead stuff, then take this 1 quick step to getting this part of your kitchen more organized! You can thank me later.

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