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Volume III
September 14, 2012

Weekly Home / Cook'n & Eat'n

Top 10 Foods to Avoid

By Sydney Hill

So, last issue I spotlighted the foods to eat whole-heartedly, now it's time to shed some light on those foods that shed a tear when you read their label. It's a question we've asked since we were able to speak: "Why, oh why, is the good food not good for you?" I am not here to answer that because I have no clue, but if you brace yourself, I'll share what I did find.

I did the same thing as last time. I researched and decided to make a Top 10 of what I saw pop up most often. I also made a list of other foods that were mentioned, but the 10 I will highlight are the ones I found most often. These are not listed in any particular order.

Hot Dogs

That old campfire favorite, loaded with preservatives, salt, fat. Yeah, I think we all knew this one would make the list. We've been afraid since we were children to find out what they're made many stories.

Soda (diet included)

This was on almost every list. It has all the sugar and none of the nutrients. Have you ever heard of the tooth in Coke overnight? It's dissolved by morning. Many times we have thought to grab that diet soda, with 0 calories. Sounds promising, but it contains aspartame, an artificial sweetener linked to many possible health conditions.


Man, do I like my doughnuts, I have two sitting in my house right now. But they are loaded with trans fat. One source said 35 to 40 percent worth.

Sugary Cereals

Not only are these unsatisfying (so you keep going for more bowls), they are injected with vitamins that can you can get from fruit or elsewhere. Start your morning with whole grains and protein instead to stabilize those blood sugars.

Sweetened Drinks

Lots and lots of sugar, but not as many nutrients as the actual fruit. If you're going to drink juice, look for 100% juice.


Don't get your hopes up yet. You can make a good alternative at home using whole grains, and controlling what you top it with. (Or have a slice or two every once in a while. Pizza is just too good).

French Fries

We also knew this would make the list.

Movie Theater/Extra butter Popcorn

As with many of the foods above, there are extra large amounts of fat, sodium, and preservatives. You can instead make popcorn at home where you control the salt and fat you put into it or a buy a healthier variety.


Corn, Tortilla, Potato, and Cheetos were all mentioned. Baked chips are a better option as they are not fried.

Fast Food

Most of the foods I found while researching can be found at fast food restaurants such as, bacon, sodium, trans fat, and French fries. I thought it would be fair to list it in the top 10.

Here are some others that were listed:

•  Bacon (yeah, the BLT isn't all that healthy even with its veggies. I still order it at every sandwich place, though!)
•  Sticky candy
•  Ice cream
•  Lunch kits
•  Frozen entrees (found on more than one list)
•  Toaster pastries
•  Snack cakes/cupcakes
•  Packaged muffins/cereal bars
•  Crackers and breads with refined flour
•  Store bought cookies
•  Canned/instant noodle soups
•  Coffee
•  Energy drinks
•  Alcoholic beverages
•  Coffee creamer
•  Bottled salad dressing
•  Highly processed meats

I wish I could offer you a Kleenex to those who are crying with me. However, facts are facts and we must learn to live with them. I won't lie to you, just because these foods are the top 10 to avoid, does not mean I will never eat them. (Remember my doughnuts? Those will not be tossed!) My suggestion to you is to be wise. Use disgression. Don't eat these all of the time.

Lean toward the healthier foods, avoid these as much as possible, but you don't necessarily have to say no to these for the rest of your life. The choice is yours, obviously, but all I'm saying is that they aren't off my menu entirely.


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