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The summer is coming to a close and the fall season is coming! I love this time of year as we close one season and move into the next. Fall is personally my favorite and I can’t wait for the foods, smells and colors of this season. Many dread the end of summer because colder weather comes, some dread the crazy schedules that get busier, and some dread packing and preparing lunches. How do you get prepped for this time of year? One of the last "preps" that you can do to ensure a smooth transition into the fall/school season, is being prepared when it comes to lunches. What if you had a lunch station in your home, had creative food ideas, had a wide variety of options, and realized it would only take minutes to pack each day? Would it make lunch time a happier and less stressful event each day? I think so. Whether you have children in school or not these tips are bound to make that middle time of day more enjoyable and fun.

I want to share with you some lunch ideas that others have cleverly come up with. There are hundreds and hundreds of ideas out there and many are quick and easy. Even though I have no children being packed off to school I prepare lunch every day as well and reading about these different ideas inspired me to make lunch-creating fun, instead of a chore! I hope you see a few that could help you out as well.

Snack Bins

This one is kind of a rage right now and I can see why. How smart to create a little bin that has multiple ideas for snacks that children can enjoy! Not only for lunches but even after school, throughout the day and before bed. Snacks are always important in my home and I love this idea to just have a box to go and let the child pick for themselves a healthy snack to enjoy!

Smoothie Pouches

How lucky we are to live in an era with such creative people. The concept of a reusable pouch is awesome! Because I don’t know about you but every time I seem to make a smoothie some of it tends to get wasted down the drain. No more wasted smoothies with this great lunch idea. You could also fill it with yogurt or applesauce as well! What a clever idea!

Kids Help Pack

Many of us know that sometimes it is quicker to do things yourself, because children helping can make the task twice as long. However, how important it is for your child to learn responsibility and independence as they make their own lunch. Whether you decide to make them the night before or in the morning make sure to get your child involved. This also is an opportunity to teach them about good diets and foods.

Breakfast Leftovers

Kind of like that smoothie leftover idea….what about making sure your hard work at breakfast isn’t going to waste. I had never thought of this one. If you’ve got pancakes or fruit or waffles that weren't finished in the morning pack them into your kids lunchtime. Not only is this easy but it cuts down on waste.

Have a List

Lists are so helpful. Make a commonly eaten foods list and stick in on your fridge or somewhere the kids can see it and go off it for lunch packing. This will ensure to get a variety of food groups in there and is helpful when you all look in the fridge and cupboard and go, “I don’t know what to eat/pack?”. Get a list that works for you or go off some of these fun ideas:

There are plenty more ideas out there, and maybe you already have a few up your sleeve. Making lunch easier and healthier is always something I am working on and I love discovering new ideas to help our little family out. I really appreciate hearing what your thoughts and ideas are, share them below in the comments section!


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