Go Ahead and Indulge!

Many of us are trying to be healthy, watch what we eat, and lose weight. We count calories, avoid sugar, eat less carbs, and do anything we can to be just a little healthier.

While this leads many people to success, it also puts a strain on us. When we have to avoid foods, they become so much more tempting. We struggle not to eat that donut (personal weakness!) or to choose the salad over pasta.

I'm here to say, it's okay to indulge! Every now and then. Not every day or every meal, but just every now and then. Now I can't go eat a regular donut because I'm gluten free, but finding some way for me to indulge has actually been very important to me being successful at not intentionally eating something I know has wheat in it. But finding an alternative that I can splurge and eat is so satisfying!

To me it is important to reward yourself and not completely prohibit something. If you eat well 20 meals of the week, indulging a little for one meal keeps life interesting! It helps you reach a goal and still feel like you can make choices that involve those typically forbidden foods. Now, please don't eat the entire pan of brownies in one sitting. But one brownie on Valentine's Day should be allowed. One piece of carrot cake on your birthday should be enjoyed!

Ever since going gluten free almost two years ago, I struggled to find good tasting sweets. I would go to church or family activities and everyone else is eating cookies, or having a piece of cake. It's hard to be happy and enjoy yourself when everyone else is eating something that you would love to taste, but you know you shouldn't eat. I broke down once and had a donut that I knew would make me sick. Believe me when I say I will never intentionally do that again.

So finding a great brownie recipe that is gluten free and tastes fantastic was fabulous! Even when I serve these to other people, they can't tell they are gluten free! Every time I take them somewhere, there are never leftovers!

By allowing ourselves to indulge occasionally, it actually becomes easier to maintain our healthier eating the rest of the time. Knowing that I am saving my special treat for my Valentine's Day dinner with my husband gives me the motivation to eat well the rest of the time. Knowing I will be getting a treat later gives me the power to say no to something sweet at a different time.

Enjoy life! Indulge every now and then! Reward yourself for your hard work and dedication! Celebrate the special moments in life!

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