Fruity Messages

February is the season of love. Do you have a special someone you love or care about? Maybe you've got a little kiddo you want to surprise with something sweet, or a spouse you want to give a little love note to. Well, why not give them something unique that involves a healthy twist to all the gobs of sweets this holiday can entail. There are so many unique and fun ideas out there of Valentines you can give that don't use candies and that are super clever. You can hunt down tons, hundreds of ideas on Pinterest. Some use toys, some use pencils, some use balloons…the list is endless. But this one stood out among them all to me. Not only because it is super adorable and fun, but you get to eat your love note!

You know those catchy pun phrases that use food in them, like "I'm Nuts about You" or "Let's go on a Date", they are so fun! What a great way to attach one of these phrases to the food choice used in the phrase for your Valentine. Or really any day you want to show a little extra love. I think these are great as stocking stuffers, lunch snacks or just to set on the table at breakfast as a surprise to. The idea I discovered uses fruit. You don't have to find a printable, or create some elaborate tag, you just write right on the fruit itself. At first I was skeptical because I thought to myself, "Well that is gross and unhealthy to write with a pen on a peel of a fruit you are going to eat." But oh the neat things our modern world invents. Edible markers!!! How neato is that. So, you can think of any phrase in the world and write it in a way that doesn't harm the fruit or make it so you can't eat it.

I love this clever idea. I am sure you could think of other phrases or other foods you could do this with, but fruits are perfect! What things does your Valentine or loved one like to eat? Go buy it and write away. I would love to hear some fun phrases you might come up with or other healthy Valentines you create to show love to the special people in your lives. Comment away!

Fruity Messages






Black edible marker

Red edible marker

Step 1:

Wash all your fruits and dry them properly with a small towel.

Step 2:

Use a black edible marker to write your messages…

On the Orange, write: "Orange you glad we are together?"

On the pear, write: "We make a great pear"

On the bananas, write: "I am bananas for you"

On the apples, write: "You are the apple of my eyes"

Step 3:

Use a red edible marker to draw little hearts around your messages.

And you are done! Simple as can be!


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