Step Away.

Step away from the kitchen. Step away. Sometimes the kitchen can cause anxiety or stress, because let's face it, sometimes making meals, grocery shopping, mopping, doing dishes and such isn't our favorite thing in the world. Am I right? I love to cook. LOVE to cook. There are times though where the kitchen is the place where I can get a feeling of "ugh". So, the remedy? Here is a list of great things you can do to help your stress level or those dish anxieties stay at bay.

1. Go Blow some Bubbles!

So this one may seem kind of funny. But not only does it make you happy and give you something fun to do it also helps you breath. Breathing is a really important part of calming oneself, that is why Yoga and Meditation can also be found on this list. Blowing bubbles can help you slow down your breathing, it forces you to take deeper breaths and gives you something to focus on. So go mix some suds and blow away.

2. Take a Hike (or walk)

When you get out in nature you rejuvenate you. The air is refreshing and being away from technology and the clutter of life really helps to refocus and loosen the tense times of life. Find a great path, grab your bike, see a new waterfall…just get outside and be active!

3. Tidy Up

What? You might say. But really getting tidy can really clear the clutter of your mind as well. Leave your kitchen and find a space that just needs a bit of cleaning up and go for it. I am a firm believer that a cluttered space can lead to a cluttered mental space and cause one to feel overwhelmed. At the end of this quick tidy you'll have accomplished something and gain an empowering sense of relief.

4. Talk to a good friend

Having a chat with someone you love really helps to refocus and bring happiness. Take a minute to call someone you haven't talked to in a while. We all have a friend or family member that can make us smile and laugh, give them a jingle.

5. Flip those Pages

Curl up to a favorite book, magazine, scrapbook, any kind of book! Taking time to read or view your favorite art really can be calming and therapeutic. I love to look through art books and cookbooks. And lets face it when you find a good book, you don't want to put it down. So go enjoy just indulging in a favorite.

6. Doodle in a Notebook

Have you seen all those coloring for adult books that are out? Well, there is a reason. Doodling and coloring is relaxing. It takes your mind away from troubles and it allows some creativity. Some people really enjoy knitting to for this same purpose. Find some colored pencils and start doodling and see what you create.

7. Find a scent that soothes you

This is a great one if you really just have to get the job done in that kitchen but need something to soothe or help you out. Find a scent that really calms you and makes you happy. Or hey just stick a batch of cookies in for after you've cooked or cleaned or spent all day in the kitchen. It'll smell great and it will taste great to!

8. Listen to Music you Love

Who doesn't have music that just makes them happy? Get your tunes and headphones and just enjoy having them take you away and maybe do a few dance moves while you're at it ;).

Now this is just a simple list that I have found to help. Some of this things might just add to your stress level if you're not a crafter or don't enjoy hikes. So, think of some of the things that calm you down and help you refocus all that good energy in you. I'd love to hear some of your thoughts to! Don't let the kitchen overwhelm or make you a grump, allow some of these great ideas (and ones you think of to) let you enjoy your time in the kitchen a little more.


    Carolyn Spencer
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