But I Want a Cookie!

I love cookies. I love baking. This is usually a great thing.

Unless I'm trying to lose weight and watch what I eat. Which is most of the time. Sigh.

So, I came up with a simple way to still get my cookie fix, without having dozens of cookies around the house to tempt me and try my self-control. My small batch of Chocolate No Bake Cookies!

By making a small batch, I don't have lots of cookies leftover. I even divide my leftover cookies into baggies to help me eat only a couple at a time. I toss a baggie in my lunch box to take with me to work to give me my afternoon snack! I love to pair these cookies with an apple.

Plus, this recipe is made with coconut oil and is gluten free! While it still has refined sugar, it's better for me than a lot of other cookies. Another bonus: super easy to make, no hot oven, and quick satisfaction! Hope you enjoy!

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