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Volume III
October, 2012

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School Lunch Poll

What kind of lunch do you prefer for your children?

School Lunch 9%
Home Sack Lunch 50%
We Go Back and Forth 41%


The grade school lunches are awful but the high school lunches are awesome.

Schools here do not allow enough time to stand in line to get your lunch and then actually eat it. My kids are in 2 different high schools and they both would rather bring a lunch. Lots of lessons to be learned from having to pack your own lunches.

Variety is the Spice of Life! Scool Lunch all the time gets to be predictabe and repetative, as well as home packed lunches! We alternate according to resources, both of time and funds!

I prefer the convenience of school (bought) lunches, how it does get expensive, plus I have one child with a nut allergy, so I have to be cautious about the ingredients of school lunches.

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