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Volume III
October, 2012

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Terrifying Halloween Treats

By Calli Rhoades

With the Halloween season approaching, there is a scary excitement in the air! Halloween costumes, decorations, and delicious food items add to the excitement and ensure a fun filled time for everyone involved. For all you foodies out there, Halloween is another opportunity to try mouth-watering, and sometimes chill-inducing foods. Why not come up with some devilishly spooky food ideas to add an element of fear and anxiety to the occasion? Creative food craft ideas that are easy-to-make and yummy will add a perfect touch to the festive celebrations!

Here are four creative food crafts, that will captivate the essence of Halloween:

Send a chill down your spine with...

Screaming Red Punch with Hand

2 quarts apple juice
2 quarts cranberry juice
2 liters ginger ale
1 new rubber surgical glove

Mix the ginger ale with the apple and cranberry juices, in a large bowl.

Thoroughly rinse the glove and ensure that it is completely clean. Then fill it up with water, tying up the wrist portion in a knot. Freeze until solid.

Once the water freezes, cut out the glove carefully off the hand and fingers using sharp scissors and the molded hand is ready to float in the bowl.

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Thrill the kids with...

Tombstone Treats

2 cups milk
1 (4 serving) box chocolate instant pudding & pie filling mix
1 tub of frozen whipped topping, thawed
18-20 chocolate sandwich cookies (like Oreos)
assorted gummy worm candy
8-10 Nutter Butter or Milano cookies (tombstones)
decorating icing (to write on tombstone)

Pulse cookies in food processor until they are ground to fine crumbs. Set aside. Pour milk into large bowl and add pudding mix. Whisk briskly for 2 minutes. Gently fold in whipped topping until no white streaks remain.
Place a heaping spoonful of cookie crumbs into the bottoms of each glass or cup. Fill most of the glass or cup with the pudding mixture. Top with another spoonful of cookie crumbs. You can use a straw to poke a hole in the top of the dirt to help make a space to insert the end of the gummy worms. Last, but not least, decorate your tombstone (cookie) with a classic R.I.P. or another spooky phrase and plant is firmly in your dirt cup!
Store in refrigerator. Makes 8-10 dirt cups, depending on the size of your glasses.

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Let the kids get their hands (and faces) dirty with Witch's Hats

Witch's Hats

sugar cone
cupcake papers
ready-to-spread frosting (best colors are black, purple, green, oo orange)
colored sprinkles and other decoration


This is easy and very fun. Flatten out the cupcake paper and then coat it and the cone with frosting. Decorate it all up to your liking and enjoy!

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Add these super-simple Spider Cubes to any drink to bring the creep out factor way up!
(photo credits

Spider Cubes


Ice cube tray
Small toy spiders (like spider rings with the ring part cut off)

This is as easy as can be, but packs a fun punch... pun intended! Just put a spider in each compartment of the ice cube tray, fill them, and freeze. When you drop these creepy, crawly cubes in to drinks you are sure to get a squeal!

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Now that you have a few spooky recipes to get started (and I am sure you have more of your own), make a "Halloween" cookbook in Cook'n and you will have everything you need to make your table extra creepy or host an eerie night of entertainment for your friends right at your fingertips. Happy Halloween and I hope you enjoy far more treats than tricks!

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