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Volume III
December, 2010

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Paperware or China for Thanksgiving Poll Results

Paperware or China for Thanksgiving?

Paperware (27) 21%
China (101) 79%

Total Votes: 128


Thanksgiiving dinner on anything else is not Thanksgiving!!!

I always get out the china. This a family tradition.

Thanksgiving is special and china just adds to it!

There will be enough dishes to wash without adding plates and glassware and salad plates and dessert plates. By the time you get done it will be time to eat again.

I so much wanted to use paper; I even had the packages in my hand, but just couldn't. Now, if they start selling disposable serving dishes . . .

China for the main meal, then it's paperware all the way baby!

It's a holiday! for goodness sakes. Make it nice!

Once a year, on Thanksgiving, I break out the good china. Otherwise, why have it?

There is usually plenty of help in the kitchen so everything gets cleaned up.

like this site AAA GOOD

China is the only way to truly honor Thankfulness!

great time of year to celebrate and look great also

I really don't care for paper plates.

If it were for a crowd, it would be paper.

if you have a dish washer installed china would be ok, however for the ones that don't and tired after a busy day paper is the way to go.

I spend enough time cooking and want to visit with my family so, paperware it is. And this year especially since we are going to be with our sons family, camping at a State Park.

For the Holiday ... YES!

I am just like your Aunt, it is the good china and crystal for our family. It really makes the day specail and I love when my grown children and their children walk in the front door and I hear the oohs and aahs of a beautifully set table and the yummy smell of turkey in the oven. Aah, yes, this is one of my favorite holidays.

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