7 Layer Dip
Amber Glow
Apple Cheese Ball
Arranging Antipasto
Asian-Style Lettuce Wraps
Bacon Nuggets
Basic Tomato with Garlic Sauce
Black Bean Dip
BLT Bites
Bruce Frankel's Grilled Bread
Christmas Dip
Deep Fried Cheese
Delicious Dill Dip
Eggs Ole
Fire And Ice Tomatoes
Fresh Salsa
Fried Mushrooms Parmesan
Greek Cheese Triangles
Grilled Garlic Bread Fingers
Grilled Quesadillas
Hot Artichoke Dip
Italian Stuffed Mushrooms
Macho Nachos
Mexican Cheese Ball
Mini Biscuit Pizzas
Pizza Rounds
Pork With Peanut Sauce
Quick Fake Pizza
Roquefort Cheese Log
Salmon Appetizer Pie
Salmon Cakes
Salmon Canapes
Saucy Franks
Snooky's Wings
Sombrero Dip
Spicy Chile Wings
Spicy Chunk Pickles
Spicy Meatball
Three-In-One Cheese Ball
Tucson Dip
Zesty Beef Dip

Soups and Stews

Beefy Mac Soup
Busy Day Beef Stew
Busy Day Oven Stew
Corn Chowder
Cream Of Avocado Soup
Cream Of Broccoli Soup
Creamy Butternut Squash Soup
Crockpot Chicken Noodle Soup
Crockpot French Onion Soup
Fisherman's Wharf Cioppino
Fresh Fruit Soup
Fresh Mushroom Soup
Hamburger Soup
New Orleans Shrimp Creole
Potato Soup
Potato-Cheese Soup
Time-Saver Stew
Tortilla Chicken Soup
Tortilla Soup

Side Dishes

Agave Barbecue Sauce
Black Bean Hummus
Cream Quiche Lorraine
Creamy Tarragon Dip
Cucumbers In Sour Cream
Dotty Swiss' Fruity Muffins
Egg Biscuits
Hot 'n' Heavenly Sauce
Italian Sausage And Spinach Pie
Italian Tomato Sauce
Lentils On the Side
Potato Salad With Caramelized Onions
Potatoes with Parsley Sauce
Pumpkin Apple Butter
Quick & Easy Tuna Casserole
Refried Beans
Rice Pilaf
Sauce For Baked Ham
Saucy Green Beans and Almonds
Sweet 'N' Hot Mustard
Tangy German Potato Salad
Tangy Lemon Sauce


Glossary of Cooking Terms


A High-Five Freeze
Acapulco Cafe Olé
Apple and Strawberry Juice
Berries and Caramel Mania
Blizzard of Oz
Cherry and Pineapple Juice
Cherry Bomb
Chocolate Crunch
Chocolate Curls
Cinnamon and Sugar Twists
Cold Busters
Copa-Banana Smoothie
Daddy Starbucks
Elvis Parsley Cocktail
First Mango on the Moon
Fruit Cocktail
Fruit Punch
Green Tea Fruit Smoothie
Holiday Eggnog
Hot Buttered Rum
Hot Mulled Cider
Hot Spiced Tea
Key Lime, Pineapple, and Banana Enchantment
Kiwi Witness
Lemon Wheels
Light 'n Tangy Twister
Mai Tai
Mexican Hot Chocolate
Minted Limeade
Mocha Banana
Orange Jubilee
Peached Blond
Pineapple Bow
Piña Colada
Pots De Creme
Quinn's Irish Cream
Soy Wonder
Strawberry Daiquiri
Watermelon Ice Drink


Autumn Apple Salad
California Seafood Salad
Carnival Salad
Carrot-Date Salad
Chicken Curry Salad
Chicken Taco Salad
Frozen Abrosia Salad
Grilled Zucchini Salad
Italian Tossed Salad
Luscious Blueberry Salad
Macaroni Salad With Basil Dressing
Mexican Vegetable Salad
Potato Salad Monaco
Turkish Eggplant Salad

Sweets and Desserts

After School Snack Mix
Agave Caramel Corn
Agave Energy Bar
Almond Brickle
Almond Shortbread Wafers
Anne's Apple Crumb Pie
Apple Pie
Apricot Squares
Baked Apples
Baked Apples - Crock-Pot
Baked Apples And Chestnut Puree
Banana Cream Parfaits
Black Cherry Apple Juice
Brownie Strawberry Shortcake
Buttery Pastry
Candy Bar Cookies
Candy Cane Dessert Bars
Caramel Apple Cheesecake Pie
Caramel Apple Tortillas
Caramel-Nut Rolls
Carmel Apples
Cherries 'N' Spice Cobbler
Cherry Coffee Ring
Chocolate Angel Food Cake
Chocolate Clouds
Chocolate Creme Fondue
Chocolate Crispy Cookies
Chocolate Lover's Pudding
Chocolate Marshmallow Mousse
Cocoa Cola Cake
Coffee-Toffee Torte
Cottage Cheese Cookies
Cream Cheese Glaze
Cream Cheese Mints
Crunchy Chunky Cookies
Date Bars-"No-Sugar Style"
Date-Nut Torte
Deep Fried Apple Rings
Deep Fried Cherries
Deep Fried Ice Cream
Deep Fried Twinkies
Dreamsicle Cookies
Easy Chocolate Chip Torte
Easy White Fudge
Fabulous Apple Dumplings
Forget-the-Calories Fondue
Fortnight Muffins
Fresh Fruit Trifle
Fried Apple Pies
Frozen Mint Desserts
Frozen Pumpkin Dessert
Frozen Tofu Cherry Cups
Frozen Velvet Chocolate Cream Pie
Fruit Pizza
Fudge Truffle Cheesecake
Gelatin Fruit Parfait
Ginger Cookies
Grasshopper Dessert Souffle
Grilled Sugar-Dipped Pineapple
Hot Fudge Velvet
Italian Cream Cake
James' Cocoa Pecan Pie
Lemon Bread
Luscious Lemon Cheesecake
Melting Moments
Minute Cherry Cheesecake
Mocha Cream Meringues
Mulled Pears
No Frost Chocolate Chip Cake
Oatmeal Refrigerator Cookies
Orange Cookies
Oreo Pizza
Peach Ambrosia
Peach Crisp
Peach Freeze
Peach Shortcake
Peach Yogurt Cooler
Peach-Apple Crisp
Pineapple-Cherry Squares
Priscilla's Pumpkin Pie Spice
Pumpkin Pudding Squares
Raisin-Rice Custard
Riverside Butter Cake
Steamed Holiday Pudding
Strawberries and Cream Cake Roll
Sugar 'N' Spice Nuts
Sugar Cookies
Sugar Kisses
Sweet Reward
Toffee Treasure
Velvet Chocolate Sauce
Weepless Meringue


Agave Banana Bread
Agave Pumpkin Muffins
Applesauce Spice Wheat Muffins
Banana Bread
Christmas Special Fruitcake
Cinnamon Bread
Corn Muffins With Honey Butter
Country White Bread
Flowerpot Banana Bread
Focaccia Bread
Freezer Garlic Bread
Pumpkin Bread

Main Dishes

Acapulco Chicken
Agave Sweet and Savory Chicken in Parchment
Agave Teriyaki
Agave-Kissed Hawaiian Pork
All Day Chicken
Asian Steak with Sesame Sauce
Asparagus-Onion Quiche
Bacon Stuffed Burgers
Bademiya's Justly Famous Chile-Coriander Chicken
Bahamian-Style Whole Grilled Snapper
Baked Chicken And Rice
Baked Sole
Bar-B-Q Beef
Basic Rules of Pressure Cooking
Bechamel Sauce
Broiled Shrimp & scallops
Bruschetta with Basil
Cheddar Parmesan Potatoes
Cheese Pizza
Cheese Quesadillas
Chicken and Rice
Chicken Breasts with Spicy Agave-Orange Glaze
Chicken Deviled Eggs
Chicken Divan Casserole
Chicken Gravy
Chicken Piquant
Chicken Salad Bake
Chile Verde
Corned Beef Casserole
Crab Meat Bisque
Creamed Spinach with Bacon
Crispy Fried Chicken
Crockpot Italian Chicken
Cubed Steak Parmigiana
Curried Rice Mix
Deep Fat Fried Turkey
Deep Fried Prime Rib
Easy Chicken Fajitas
Easy Chili
Fettucine Alfredo
Fish Tacos with Mango Salsa
Freezer Coleslaw
Freezer Pizza
Fruited Lamb Roast
Garlic, Apple, Pork Chops
Grilled Prime Ribs of Beef With Garlic and Rosemary
Grilled Tofu Sandwiches
Ham Loaf
Hawaiian Ham Sandwiches
Herb "Roasted" Chicken
Homemade Flour Tortillas
Layered Flounder Hollandaise
Layered Lamb And Eggplant
Mama B's Lasagne
Maple-Glazed Baked Ham
Margie's Parmesan Chicken
Marinated Grilled Turkey Chunks
Mediterranean Macaroni and Cheese
Memphis-Style Ribs
Mexican Chili
Microwavable Tuna Melt
Monterey Jack Cheese Enchiladas
Neapolitan Chicken
Neapolitan Dinner
New York Spaghetti Pie
Orange Pork Chops
Party Chicken
Patio Beans And Franks
Peking Duck
Penna Rigate with Bacon
Peppered Steak
Pork And Rice Bombay
Pork Bombay
Pork Chops With Corn Dressing
Pork Roast Royale
Quick Rice Pilaf
Ravioli with Ricotta and Spinach
Saucy Fish Sandwiches
Savory Turkey Scallop
Scrambled Tofu
Seafood Tetrazzini
Shrimp and Snow Peas in Black Beans Sauce
Southwest Roll-Ups
Spaghetti Pie
Spanish Macaroni And Cheese
Spicy Parmesan Chicken Breasts
Springtime Vegetable Pasta
Stewed Chicken And Dumplings
Sticky Chicken
Stir-Fried Pork And Green Onions
Sweet and Sour Pork
Sweet and Spicy Slow Cook Chicken
Texas-Style Barbecued Brisket
Turkey Mornay
Turkey with Herbed Rice Dressing
Veal Marsala
Walking Tacos
Whole Wheat Tortillas
Working Person's Crockpot Country Pork Dinner
Zippy Beef Bake


Apple-Filled Crepes with Carmel Sauce
Baked Sausage And Eggs
Blueberry Crepes
Breakfast Pie
Breakfast Shake
British Brunch Bake
Broccoli-Chicken Crepes
Buttermilk Pancakes
Chocolate Chip Pancakes with Chocolate Syrup
Cranberry Crepes
Crepes Marinara
Golden Wheat Pancakes
Ham Filled Crepes
Low-Fat Honey Crepes
Mandarin Crepes
Oatmeal Pancakes
Peach Crepe
Strawberry Cream Crepes
The Best Apple French Toast