Last Minute Neighbor Gift Ideas

This year was truly exceptional for me- I actually got my goody plates out to my neighbors and friends early this year! I think this is definitely a first for me. Last year I found out we were expecting, and needless to say I was exhausted and just didn't find the time to do goody plates. The year before that, I ended up in the ER unexpectedly with kidney stones, so it didn't happen that year either. So this year I was determined to get them out before anything happened;). And I'm happy to say I succeeded!

But what if this year has been one of those crazy years for you? I've totally been there… more than once:). Here are a few simple last minute ideas to ease your stress and get you thinking!

*Put little noses and antlers on a bottle of rootbeer and you have some cute festive drinks to hand out:).

*Deliver a set of measuring spoons or cups with a note that says "We hope this year gives you joy beyond measure" or "We definitely think you measure up" or something like that;).

*A can of peanuts labeled "Thanks for putting up with your "nutty" neighobors!" would definitely be a fun and unique gift!

*Wrap a roll of toilet paper in cellophane and make a carrot nose and black coal eyes and a mouth from construction paper. Attach this note: "Money is scarce and times are hard. So I'm giving you this instead of a card. Something to use, something to share, so bottoms up, just cause we care. Merry Christmas!". Funny but definitely practical!

*Fill a baggie with eight Whoppers and one red gumball and label it Reindeer Noses. I did this for my siblings last year and they got such a kick out of it!

*Give an apple with a little jar of caramel dip with a note that says "To a most "a-peel-ing" family. "Dip" in to a very happy holiday season!"

*Deliver a Christmas cookie cutter with a note that says "We hope this Christmas "cuts" out to be a fantastic one!

*Tie up a little stack of Extra gum with a cute ribbon. Attach a note that says "You are EXTRA special!"

*Put this note with a cute fleece blanket: "Fleece" Navidad; we want to wish you a merry Christmas from the bottom of our hearts!"

What do you guys do for your last minute gifts? I'd love to hear your ideas!


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